Tag: Plant-based diet

Tag: Plant-based diet

How to Transition to a Healthy Plant-Based Diet?

In light of the surge in health-related issues worldwide, there is an increasing number of people looking for natural methods that promote fitness, better health, and increase immunity. An approach that is gaining popularity in recent times is consuming a plant-based diet. In certain instances such as the Ulcerative Colitis cure diet, plant-based food is preferred to prevent flares.

Right Diet and Lifestyle Can Heal Autoimmune Disease Lupus

AnneMarie was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Lupus 5 years ago. It had really started to flare up in the last year or two and it affects nearly all of her joints. Making the simple tasks of walking, sitting on a chair, etc. more difficult than they should be. She is an Irish Dancing teacher and still performs regularly in shows. Her joint pains are not ideal in her line of work.