How to Heal Ulcerative Colitis Naturally?

Ulcerative Colitis is believed to be an autoimmune disease wherein the immune/defense system mistakes food, the good bacteria in your digestive tract, and the lining of your colon for harmful entities. However, in our experience, the body is undergoing a healing process. The body has been overwhelmed by toxins due to an unnatural diet and lifestyle. As the body tries to remove the toxic matter, it creates symptoms of the dis-ease. This causes inflammation and ulcers. This inflammation takes the form of tiny sores that generally begin to appear in the rectum and tend to affect the entire colon. While it is a terrible disease that affects children and adults alike, we provide guidance for all those looking for ways to reduce or heal Ulcerative Colitis naturally.

Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis Causes:

It is believed that most people who suffer from this condition are genetically predisposed to the condition. Studies suggest if a person has a patient in their family, they are 30% more likely to get it themselves. There are other lifestyle choices that contribute to the disease, such as one’s diet. Factors include a diet of meat, dairy, eggs, oil, and junk food. In fact, the findings of The E3N Prospective Study (2010) state that, high total protein intake, specifically animal protein (including fish), was associated with a significantly increased risk of IBD. High animal protein intake was associated with a three-fold increase in inflammatory bowel disease risk. Other factors include lack of sleep, excessive stress, incorrect posture, medication, excessive use of laxatives, and microbial infections.

Stress plays a big role in whether we create symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. When we are stressed, we do not digest our food optimally. This causes the food to rot, ferment and putrefy in our bowels, releasing toxic matter into our bloodstream, which eventually leads to our symptoms. We undeniably internalize the thoughts we have and thinking about bad health often manifests as physical symptoms. Ensuring that we have a positive approach towards health and our body is a great tool to cure ulcerative colitis.

Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms:

It tends to disturb the digestive tract as the inflammation in the large intestine causes the large intestine to secrete its contents faster and disrupts various functions of the body. These are few of the many symptoms that are indicative of bowel inflammation due to the disease.

Ulcerative Colitis Solution:

The body acts to restore its internal balance and hence this condition is a sign of the body reacting to a toxic overburden as well as a chemical and physiological imbalance in the gut. This means the best solution is to actively restore the balance in your gut by changing your eating habits to accommodate your disease.

  • First and foremost it is important to identify and rectify the unhealthy habits that may contribute to the symptoms. This includes correcting your posture, clocking enough sleep, and looking for healthy ways to cope with stress in your life.
  • It is also important to quit alcohol or addictions such as smoking that contribute to the inflammation of your bowel. Another key aspect of ulcerative colitis cure is to make sure you take deep breaths and inhale enough oxygen for a healthy body.
ulcerative colitis Diet Plan

Ulcerative Colitis Diet Plan:

It is important to note that the consumption of animal protein, processed, highly acidic, or fatty food leads to increased stress on the gut, which causes flare-ups in patients. This means that there are several dietary changes you can make to tackle the symptoms naturally.

  • One of the most effective changes in your diet to alleviate Ulcerative Colitis symptoms is to reduce the consumption of items that perish quickly. This includes items such as fatty food and refined oil may be rancid before consumption or maybe rancidified during the digestion process.
  • Another reason for a chemical imbalance in your digestive tract is the putrefaction of animal proteins. Due to the incorrect eating habits or insufficient decomposition. Several food items such as meat and dairy products often get converted into harmful toxins leading to the inflammation of the bowel and hence cause flare-ups.
  • There are several changes that can help you figure out how to cure Ulcerative Colitis naturally. One of them is eliminating the consumption of meat and other animal-based products. This ensures you do not consume food that easily undergoes putrefaction and hence it ensures that harmful substances do not get accumulated in the large intestines.
  • Your Ulcerative Colitis cure diet should also include raw fruits. The soluble fiber in fruit is very soothing on the bowel, e.g. ripe bananas are one of the most soothing foods for the gut. Heat often causes the substances to lose their nutritional value and causes the formation of acidic toxins. This is why the ulcerative colitis diet should take care of these things. You should avoid eating excessive amounts of cooked food.
  • Another way to cure Ulcerative Colitis naturally is to eat the right combination of food. When food is combined poorly it tends to disrupt the chemical balance in your body and increase the effects of it. One such example is to eat the fruit in the morning as a meal by itself and never eat fruits after a cooked meal.

These small changes in your everyday life can make a major difference in your health and help you manage your symptoms. While it is a painful condition that causes numerous symptoms and seems chronic in nature, there are several changes you can make to your lifestyle and diet to reverse or cure Ulcerative Colitis naturally without having to rely on medication, surgery, or other such expensive treatments.

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