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Healing Stories

We totally get how you feel right now.

Your symptoms are frustrating. You can go from feeling okay to needing a toilet instantly. 

Sometimes your cramps are so bad you just want to lie in bed all day. You worry every time you see blood in your stool.

You’ve been dealing with these symptoms for what seems like ages, even years and years.

And yes doctors, naturopaths, and health coaches have given you things to help. Medications, steroids, immunosuppressants, supplements, probiotics, maybe even surgery… you’ve tried so many things. Yet the symptoms keep coming back.

Nothing seems to be helping and the solutions you have been given don’t work long-term.

And you know you want this to change.

You know that you don’t want to put up with these symptoms for life, and you believe that it is possible that you don’t have to.

And it’s true.

When you implement the changes we recommend, you are going to see insane results in your life. 

There’s this one thing that nobody has talked to you about.

And when you change this one thing, your whole life is going to change. 

No more diarrhoea. No more cramps. No more blood or mucus in your stools. Always 😉

Small changes can lead to incredible results that don’t make sense.

Just like our client, Dr T, who is a Medical Doctor and had been suffering from Ulcerative colitis for 15 years. 

He is now symptom and medication free and his latest calprotectin test shows that his inflammation levels are extremely low and even better than when he was taking his medications.

Or our client Sarah. She had tried everything to get rid of Crohn’s. 

It wasn’t until she started working with us that she was given a clear direction of what she needed to do to heal her body. 

Once she implemented our recommendations, Crohn’s disease was gone. She has been symptom and medication-free for 3 years. Her latest calprotectin score was 9.

Or our client Devin, who reduced his calprotectin score from 320 to 82 in less than 6 months without taking any medication.

We have worked with more than 1000 clients over the last 10 years.

And the results, when people follow our advice, they get rid of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s for life.

This happens all the time and it is normal in our world.

If you want to find out more, if you want to connect and see if this is right for you, let's get on a call and chat.

30-minute consultation

Heal Yourself Today

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Benefits of Our Program

  • Plant foods have proven anti-inflammatory compounds.
  • Fibre from plants is essential to build a healthy gut microbiome and heal the gut lining.
  •  We teach our clients the physiology and psychology behind how the body heals itself.
  • Our level of support is second to none!
  • Access to our support group with almost 450 members, most of whom have healed from IBD.
  • We provide 2-1 coaching which no one else will provide.

Nutrition Packages

Nutrition, Health Education & Digestive Health Programs

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