Helene heals her Ulcerative Colitis through plant based diet

My name is Helene and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis on July 7, 2018. Following my diagnosis, I was placed on various medications. After my prescribed medication regimen failed I was told I would need to be placed on Humira. I knew that was not going to happen so I left my doctor’s office in search of a better way.

I researched for a couple of weeks and found a book by Dr. David Klein. I read the book from beginning to end and attempted to execute self healing, but failed. Frustrated, but determined I continued my research which led me to High Carb Health via YouTube. After watching multiple videos and reviewing the website, I decided to sign up for the 6 month program.

During the process, I was given extraordinary support and attention which left me with a sense of security even when I was overwhelmed with doubt.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for the level of commitment, dedication, and attention I was provided by High Carb Health during my healing journey. I AM now symptom and medication free. I enjoy eating all of the food this beautiful earth has to offer through a whole food, plant based, no animal product lifestyle and I feel AMAZING!

Karen Heals Digestive Issues with Whole Food Plant-based diet, NZ

I can highly recommend the coaching of High Carb Health. I have a different story than most because I did not suffer from Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease. I had suffered from digestive issues for most of my adult life, but it wasn’t until July of 2018 that I was in the ED with severe abdominal pain. I was then sent to surgery for a hemicolectomy because I was told there was a mass in my ascending colon, which had to be removed. After this surgery, I suffered greatly. Severe pain, constipation, bloating, etc. I was later told the ‘mass’ was just a bad case of appendicitis. I continued to suffer after the surgery and no doctor was able to help with my intolerable symptoms and I was put on tramadol. By the grace of God, I found High Carb Health. I can say after 6 months of working with them I am symptom-free. If you are questioning whether to work with them because maybe you don’t suffer from Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s, they can help anyone with digestive issues.

“I had suffered from digestive issues for most of my adult life, but it was not until July of 2018 that I was in the ED with severe abdominal pain. I was then sent to surgery for a hemicolectomy because I was told there was a mass in my ascending colon, which had to be removed. I was later told the ‘mass’ was just a bad case of appendicitis. If you were questioning whether to work with them because maybe you do not suffer from Ulcerative Colitis or Chron’s, they can help anyone with digestive issues."

2 years after healing Crohn's disease, what is Chris’s life like now?

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis in 2017, though I had the symptoms like stomach cramps, blood, and mucus for a year before it was diagnosed. When the doctor told me that this disease has no cure and you will have to take medicines whole life, I started crying. I asked her if the diet was the cause of the problem to which she said no and I believed her, thinking how can a doctor be wrong. She convinced me to take the medicines. I was on Canasa Suppository and Mesalamine.

After taking medicines for almost a year, the symptoms returned and this time I was put on prednisone steroid for 2.5 months. Meanwhile, I started my internet research on natural ways to cure colitis. After weeks of online research, I read a post where a guy mentioned about Dr. David Klein’s book on Self Healing Crohn’s and Colitis and how he healed himself. I read the whole book and told my partner about the diet and that I would like to give it a try. He completely supported me in this decision. I started the healing diet on my own, which was the biggest mistake I did. I didn’t know what, when, and how much to eat. After Struggling for a month or so, I took Dr.David Klein’s guidance for 2 months. Later, with his help, I found out about HighCarbHealth and took there 30 min consultation which was with Shamiz. Initially, I took their 1-month program and later continued with the 3 months program.

I must say, it is not an easy journey to follow. I had to face many ups and downs. I had cravings for spicy food initially but I knew that my end goal was to get healed so I continued with the healing diet. I went through a lot of detox symptoms like blood and mucus in the stool, skin rashes, hair fall, scaling skin, weight loss, ankle swelling, electrolyte imbalance, etc. I used to text or email Shamiz every time I had new detox symptoms or when I got worried to which he responded every time. He suggested a few materials to read/listen to and always asked me to believe in the healing diet. Also, when I told him about the disliking of the food, he suggested different ways to eat it, which by the way helped me a lot. Then came the worst phase of detox where I had nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. I was able to get through it with the help of my family and I would highly recommend you take help from friends & family instead of trying to get through this detox phase by yourself.

After being on this diet for 5 months, finally, I saw improvements, I had stools with no blood, very little mucus, no stomach cramps, and the number of bowel movements was reduced from 10-15 times a day to 4-5 times a day. After a month or so the mucus went away and the number of BM’s was reduced to 1-3 times a day. My appetite was back, and I started eating twice the amount I used to eat earlier. I was 135 lb when I started this diet and had gone down to 98.5 lb after the detox and now I have started gaining weight again. I would highly recommend HighCarbHealth if you really want to heal yourself from any stomach or gut issues. They will always be there for you to help.

Thank you guys for helping me!! 🙂

Keep doing the great work you are doing.

John Heals Crohn’s Naturally through Plant Based diet!

IBS/Constipation healed through whole food plant based diet

What was your life like before you joined us and did you try any other treatment or plan?

My life was terrible, I have had constipation since 2005. Every morning I have a great struggle to clear my bowels. It’s been a terrible journey so far. I tried allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga.

How did you find out about us?

I got to know you guys primarily from SHARAN. I attended live programs at Pune, India by Shukul. The theory and the concepts explained in the talk were scientific and logical.

What was the program like?

It’s fantastic. There is the amazing support from both of You guys. Though the beginning of the program is not easy. Especially the detoxification process. And you guys keep on giving positive hopes and that really keeps me going. Some of the concepts seem weird but explanation and detail understanding provided makes things look easy.

How is your life now after the guidance?

My constipation is reduced. I am feeling much more energetic. My bowels are responding very well. Many medicines and pills are stopped.

What advice would you give to others?

Anyone having any issue with the digestive issues trust these guys. They know what they are doing. Plus the most important aspect they educate us in future you have any issues you know what to do.

Marloes naturally heals Ulcerative COlitis through whole food plant based diet (1 month program)

“I can highly recommend the coaching by High Carb Health. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and started eating a plant based diet. This dietary switch made most of my symptoms go away. Still, I needed some help facing the fear of introducing new foods.

Shamiz has helped me immensely with the mental part of being ill. When I was feeling unwell, it was so easy to feel negative about myself and my life. Shamiz’s coaching was so helpful. He gave me advice in a calm and confident way. With mental exercises, I was feeling better about myself. The coaching also reduced my fear of trying new ingredients. Introducing new foods has helped improve my health. I am so thankful for the help Shamiz has offered me!”

Marloes, The Netherlands

Shabnum, Heals Ulcerative Colitis through a whole foods plant based diet, UK

I had mild symptoms of ulcerative colitis when I was in my final year of university in 2014, I was stressed at the time and believed it would pass and sure enough it did but I still didn’t feel 100%. When I started my postgraduate degree in autumn 2015 what followed was the worst year for me; four severe flare ups during university and repeated steroid use had me feeling like a shell of my former self. I was lifeless, tired, losing my hair, getting acne, putting on weight, unable to sleep and depressed. It was during my last of the four flare ups that occurred in September of 2015 when by chance I came across high carb health. The IBD nurse had been to see me regarding the ileostomy pouch that day and doctors had told me surgery was the only option left as I had become a medical failure. My parents and relatives were devastated for me. Every type of drug they gave me including the strong biological drugs either gave me side effects (the worst being anaphylaxis) or made my symptoms worse. I was in extreme pain and on the verge of giving up.

All it took was one simple search on the Web and I came across Shamiz’s video on how he healed colitis. I was in awe of the fact that the answer to the question was right there all along and to me that was life changing. All doctors I had been treated by said the same thing, “Diet has no role in this disease” in fact they encouraged me to avoid fruit and veg and consume food as normal, most of which were animal based or processed.

As soon as I came off all medication I started the vegan diet. It made a huge difference in my life. My energy levels came back again, I was losing the weight I had put on from the steroids, my skin was glowing and my hair started to grow back. My friends who had been used to seeing me as ill all the time were now complimenting me on how healthy I looked and wanted to know what I was doing differently.

Starting the program with the Kachwalla brothers has completely changed me as a person. I no longer feel the need to consume animal products and feel revolted by the fact that I used to. The recipes that high carb provide are very easy to make and I can’t imagine life without eating one of the most simple but healthful foods out there; fruit.

With their guidance at hand I have been able to completely reverse the disease and no longer fear going out in public in case something happens again.

I can’t imagine my life without smoothies and fruit anymore, I love this new lifestyle and would never go back to my old habits.

People who have an issue such as colitis need to understand that it’s not the end of the world and that there is a much simpler solution out there rather than drugs and surgery.

If anyone out there is struggling with health issues such as IBD I would highly recommend Shukul and Shamiz for they not only guide you in healing yourself physically but provide help on mentally improving yourself too.

Due to them I have my life back and I am very grateful to them both for all the help they have given.

Raman, Heals Ulcerative Colitis through a whole foods plant based diet, USA

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2015. For the next two years I was on various medications which included Prednisone, Mercaptopurine, Mesalamine, Entyvio, and Remicade. By the end of 2017 I was taking a combination of Prednisone, Mercaptopurine, and Remicade infusions but nothing was helping and my condition was getting worse. On January 1st 2018 I was admitted to hospital for 10 days and was told that my only option was to have surgery to remove my colon. I was not ready to have the surgery and decided to start searching for alternatives myself. So I found videos of Shamiz on Youtube and I was inspired by his journey to healing himself through a plant based diet. After contacting Shamiz and Shukul to get more info I decided that this program was something that I wanted to try instead of surgery.

The program is strict however as long as you are able to follow the guidance provided by Shamiz and Shukul in having a positive outlook and sticking with the vegan diet it really works. By following the strict regime of the healing diet I was able to get off both Prednisone and Mercaptopurine within 2 months. My condition improved week over week by continuing with the post healing diet and I finally had renewed hope of being able to kick this disease. After six months on the program I had a colonoscopy report did which came back almost clean, doctors were not able to perform the same report six months earlier given inflammation at the time. I shared details of the program with my GI doctor who was shocked to learn the impact that a vegan diet and positive thinking can have on this disease. My GI doctor had previously said that diet has no impact.

Thanks to Shamiz and Shukul I have got my life back by going through this program and I would recommend anyone who is struggling with Ulcerative Colitis to try this program before considering any medications or surgery to cure this disease.

Anonymous Heals, Ulcerative Colitis (pancolitis), UK

I had ulcerative colitis (Pancolitis) for 3 months. I experienced abdominal pain, diarrhea, bleeding and mucus in stools. I would have an urgency to go to the toilet. The gastroenterologist said I should take medication and ulcerative colitis cannot be reversed. I did not take any medications, as they have severe side effects. Instead, I searched for alternative options. I was very happy when I found Shamiz and Shukul inspirational videos on Youtube. I was convinced the vegan diet would cure me of ulcerative colitis too.

I was very pleased with the program, as I could book a meeting with them any day of the week. They were very helpful, kind and understanding. They provided a lot of information about nutrition and healing. Also, I enjoyed drinking fruit juices, smoothies, eating steamed vegetables and potatoes. I experienced detox symptoms initially. My abdominal pain reduced after a couple of weeks. Inflammatory markers and full blood count readings were in the correct ranges after a couple of weeks and they have maintained in the normal ranges. My digestion is back to normal now and I have no abdominal pain.

I have now cured ulcerative colitis with the vegan diet. I am very grateful for the support and guidance of Shamiz and Shukul.

Anonymous Heals, Migraines & Ulcerative Colitis

I started with IBS symptoms 21 years ago. I fluctuated between constipation and diarrhea. When I had diarrhea it was so painful and I would be on the loo for four hours. Any holidays would only be a few hours away by car and we would only leave when we could get straight into the accommodation.

In 2010 I had 2 daughters and no life, I spent most of my time on the loo. I had had colonoscopies over the years but these were all clear. I decided to go to a nutritionist, I sent a stool sample off to a lab in Germany where they confirmed I had candida, in fact, they said they had never seen such high levels of it. So I started on the candida diet which consisted of no fruits at all, lots of meat and a little veg. Dairy was also allowed. My symptoms did clear a little but not enough.

Fast forward 6 years and not much has changed. One day i started to have diarrhea after everything I ate, although I have always bled and had mucus this all became so much worse. I literally lived on the loo. I felt so so ill. I went to the doctors who referred me on. I had a colonoscopy which showed a little inflammation and some ulcers. They put me on steroid suppositories. These worked well for two weeks and then I was getting horrendous back and hip aches, so I stopped them. Oral steroids were no better.

The doctors were convinced I had Crohn’s due to my symptoms, I had an MRI which was horrendous as had to be stopped for me to have diarrhea. This didn’t show much, They then wanted me to swallow the pill cam.
However, while this was going on I found Shamiz and Shukul on Youtube. I watched them for hours and was convinced this was the way to go.
I joined their program last August. The support they offer is amazing. You can book meetings with them whenever needed/wanted. They work over the weekend and also you can email.

They sent me lots of info and talked me through everything. They kept a close eye on me and three months later I started the healing diet. I’m not going to say this was easy because it wasn’t. I had been having detox symptoms throughout, but they were manageable, I struggled more with what I was allowed to eat as I don’t like potatoes or steamed veg.

However, I got through it. I did become anemic during the diet but I have always bordered this and was anemic when I was a meat-eater. Shamiz advised on some iron to take and what to eat more of. I glad to say my iron levels are pretty good now.

Not only do they help with diet but they also promote having a healthy mind. I had many toxic relationships with family that was destroying me inside. With their advice, I have managed to clear this all and now have happy and healthy relationships with family.

The specialists were not keen to discharge me when I asked to be, even though they could see how well I was. They only agreed to do it if my inflammation test was good. I’m over the moon to say my levels were only 20, anything under 50 is normal. They have never been so low.

To date, I am really well. No longer have bouts of diarrhea, I recently went on a trip to Scotland on an airplane with no private loo for most of the trip of two days. We had an amazing time and I would never have been able to do this before. We have just booked tickets to Australia next year which is a dream come true.

For 17 years I have been taking two lots of medication to control migraines, and when I did still get migraines I would then have to take another pill which left awful side effects, I have reduced taking six pills a night to only taking two pills and I will slowly come off them as well. Our lives are so different now. The whole family is on board with being vegan and my 13 year old daughter is now so healthy and follows most of what I eat. We have learned so much about the way to eat. We have had to buy another big fridge for the amount of fruit and greens we buy.

The support and program Shamiz and Shukul have are life changing. They will always hold a special place in my heart as they have changed mine and my family’s life to which I will eternally grateful.

Alex, (ulcerative colitis), Germany

“When I was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2015, it all was pretty surreal. I then started standard treatment, with immunosuppressants, etc. I was in remission for a little bit more than one year until symptoms started to come back. I then looked on the internet for an alternative approach and found Shukul & Shamiz. I watched a couple of their videos on YouTube and thought I have to give this a try. In the first few weeks, I struggled a bit with getting used to the new diet and lifestyle. It was both mentally and physically challenging.

Now 6 months later I’m completely free of any Ulcerative Colitis symptoms thanks to the help of Shukul & Shamiz! from High Carb Health"

Anonymous, (ulcerative colitis), India

First of all, I would say congrats to all of them who did fight and healed with digestive issues.

I am basically from Indian origin. I had issues with my stool from DEC 2015 where I used to see mild blood and mucus and pain in the rectum initially. Later I went to the doctor and got misdiagnosed for hemorrhoids and was on some antibiotics for it. As time passed by, my condition did not improve and I had to visit a doctor again after coming back to US in 2016 AUG. I had to go with Sigmoidoscopy initially and came to know that I have Ulcerative Colitis. I had minimum knowledge of what Ulcerative Colitis was but after doing research online, I got scared after reading the scary stuff. I was on a minimum dosage of Apriso and Uceris for 3-6 months. My condition did not improve and had to go with colonoscopy to get my complete colon examined. The situation was not getting better with me and I did not want to go with steroids. Fortunately, I came across Colitis & Crohn’s program videos online. It was a sight to relief and I spent a lot of time going through all the videos. I consulted Shamiz and Shukul and have them help me with my condition. After being on proper diet, rest and counseling my condition improved slowly. I started my program with these guys in FEB 2017 and by the end of 4 months my stool count dropped to 4-5 and after 6 months I was on 3-4 with no blood. There was excellent support from these guys at each stage of my healing. The support and motivation I received by talking to these guys were eternal. I am thankful to these guys for helping me out with my condition.

Now my diet is completely changed. Post healing I prefer to take apple+celery juice in the morning with 3 bananas, blueberry+strawberry+dates+banana smoothie in lunch, and potatoes cooked with other vegetables/greens in dinner with carrot/beet juice. As per the saying “Health is wealth", I got to know the meaning of this and great knowledge on how to combine the foods/fruits and mainly what is the best thing for our body to be healthy.

I will never forget these guys in my life for the help and support they provided me to get out of condition. I bless you guy’s long life and hope you guys keep your good work in healing and saving many more lives.

Tishani, (Ulcerative colitis), Melbourne, Australia

Dearest friends,

When I had my first Skype meeting I was petrified, scared of being vulnerable and weak or exposed to yet another person who would let me down with this horrible disease I hated having.

I admit I was sceptical, anxious and doubtful but I knew this was my last chance before the medical world would bring the big guns out on me. So then I met you and Shukul. I had a few tell me they were worried but I trusted you guys from the start. You where really, you weren’t endorsing anything or being extremists. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping people like me. For dedicating your lives to give others life after colitis.

Never underestimate the work you do and how it changes people’s lives. You have good genuine hearts. You both have a really special place in me and my parent’s hearts.

I’m grateful to have made great friends.

Thank you,

Anjali Verma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Melbourne, Australia

I had been living with IBS for almost 20 years now where my condition got worsened in all these years and I kept excluding more and more food from my diet due to growing food intolerance. which merely started as bloating. I was hardly able to put any food down and can merely digest banana, and potatoes. My visits to GP and specialists bear no improvement. Doctors even said they do not know why this happens to some people and told me this is the condition I must live with it as there is no cure since I didn’t respond well to any medication. I survived on iron infusions for the last 6-7 years as I wasn’t getting any nutrients from food and neither was able to take any vitamin pill orally that would go through my digestive system. I’m working full time, traveling, hectic job with long hours and struggled to keep the pace with low levels of energy all these years.

During all these years, I had tried almost every therapy before like naturopathy, allopathy, homeopathy, alternate medicines, etc. I have lived in UK, Singapore, India, Australia and tried treatments everywhere but nothing ever worked. I have been through colonoscopy once and endoscopy once in every 2-3 years to get checked if my condition has further worsened.

I came to know of your program through a friend of mine who referred me to Sharan. Sharan advised me to see High Carb Health since I had digestive issues.

During my first consultation, I thought it’s just another therapy that is not going to work just like everything else I tried before and had not much hope at all. But I must say felt good at the end of the 30-minute session.
You have been very approachable during treatment and with regular consultations, you guys monitored my diet very closely and taught me a great deal on how to properly combine foods (improving my digestion), how much sleep I require, how many calories to eat to get the energy that I need, and how the Acid/Alkaline balance can be maintained which is also one of the key things. My digestion improved, my sleep improved, I have more energy than before following your advice.

I like how well you look after people you treat. You are certainly passionate about bringing change in people and it shows from your style of working.

Where I have not been able to tolerate any fruit except banana before, after following your advice I have been able to eat certain foods that used to cause discomfort if eaten. I was eating the wrong way all my life. You made me realize how much the body has the power to self-heal without any medications.

You have a holistic and practical approach where you explained why doing certain things help how our body gets the required energy which is generated from eating rights foods at right time and regulating our sleep pattern (as I also suffered from chronic sleep fatigue).

I have not seen a doctor for about a year now. My advice to anyone who is suffering from digestive issues is that your program certainly worth giving it a try. This is coming from someone who has tried almost every therapy on the earth across so many countries. There are no medications here, the body can heal naturally without any side effects of medicines. Medicines only hide the system whereas your approach targets the root cause of the disease/condition. This just tells how effective your way of treating people is no nasty regular colonoscopy/endoscopy which also amounts to lots of money with no benefit to your health and not to mention the discomfort you live with every day. Also, you just not cure digestive issues but the entire body as a whole.

I wish I had met you guys long back.

Thank you so much
– Anjali Verma

Carla Hardie, (crohn's disease), Australia

September 2010 (23 y/o) was the first time that I learned I had ulceration in two parts of my colon, which was most likely the early days of Crohn’s due to the ‘patchy’ and ‘deep’ nature of the ulcers. It was mild, so no medication was prescribed. 2011 brought about my first ‘disturbing’ flare-up, and it was then that I was prescribed anti-inflammatory suppositories. After that came a period of nothing, only for it to come back again even stronger in 2015/16 on and off. Luckily enough, I was never hospitalized, but I still met my ‘crisis point’ in July/Aug 2016. I was eating smaller meals to avoid uncomfortable symptoms of dis-ease and bloating, seeing a naturopath who prescribed me expensive herbal tablets and elixirs, and incidentally, I lost a fair bit of weight, vitality and emotional sanity. This was just before signing up with High Carb Health.

Deciding to take control and treat myself and my state of health in the most natural way possible with no drugs or potions was the best decision I ever made. I knew for a long time that a plant-based whole-foods diet was significant to me, (having turned plant-based in early 2014) but didn’t know how to go about it! This is where High Carb Health was the guys that gave me the voice of reason, comfort, knowledge, information, and advice to truly understand what was going on with my body and how I could support it properly. Their encouragement and kind words also helped me to keep on going when I experienced moments of doubt and emotional stress.

Generally, we’re not used to trusting our bodies and their functions. The most logical knowledge when it comes to healing is not common knowledge, and instead, we find ourselves in places where we are impatient, want results instantaneously and turn to ‘quick fix’ medications and procedures. Slow down, take a few breaths, be inspired by others, reach out, let people help you, give it a go, open your eyes and enjoy the incredible healing process. It only gets better from here!

Thanks again guys – words can’t describe how happy I am to have met you. Keep on inspiring 🙂

Rob DiCenso, (Ulcerative Colitis), Ontario, Canada

“Recovery from Ulcerative Colitis — In 2009 I was an active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor trying to make the transition towards Mixed Martial Arts when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. The doctors didn’t give me much hope. They said the usual thing with this condition: “It’s incurable," “You’ll have this for life", etc. They seemed to have two solutions. Surgery and medication for life. I didn’t like those options so I started looking for a solution on my own. I found a book that promoted this lifestyle and I managed to avoid surgery following its guidance. But I eventually failed on it because I was making key mistakes. At the time, I thought the diet didn’t work so I moved on looking for other solutions.

After years of going through various diets and my health going up and down like a roller coaster, I found Shamiz’s story on YouTube. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive at first but once I spoke with them, my impression was they genuinely cared and wanted to help.

Once I signed up, they were always available to answer all of my questions and concerns. We chatted regularly about my progress and which direction to go next. very soon after enrolling in this program, I was able to get off all my meds and supplements (Was spending lots of $$ on them). My Diarrhea and bleeding have stopped and I don’t get the urgency to go to the bathroom anymore. The experience restored my health and changed my life. And today, my health continues to improve every day. I don’t feel restricted in any way, I feel I can eat until I am full and I’m getting all the nutrients I need to live a long healthy life.

I highly recommend working with these guys. They have so much experience and they used it to change my life and many others."

Anita, (Ulcerative Colitis), Germany

I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis almost five years ago. And even though I was lucky enough that a very low medication had been successful in keeping the symptoms in check for all of the following years, I eventually started researching alternatives to treat and possibly even heal this condition naturally. Having been told by my gastroenterologist that there was no known cure for this disease to date and that it had nothing to do with diet or lifestyle/stress, I just didn’t want to be dependent on drugs for the rest of my life without any guarantee of my condition not getting worse anyway.

During my research, I then found Shamiz’s success story on YouTube and immediately bought the book “Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s" by David Klein. The ideas in this book made sense to me. So I stopped taking my meds. But, since the book is so detailed, I got overwhelmed with what exactly I should be doing next and how I should be eating. So, I decided to get help from Shamiz and Shukul, and the rest is history. 🙂 They gave me clear instructions on what I should ideally be doing and eating, were always available whenever I had questions, and checked in with me once a week via Skype.

I have to admit though, the diet change was not always easy – even though I had been vegan for several months before starting the program and had also started to more and more replace processed foods with whole-foods. But the almost immediate improvement of my bowels kept me going because I knew I was on the right track. Now, I’m very happy to say that I’m (still) 100% medication-free as well as symptom-free and still vegan. 🙂 I’ve also kept the habit of eating only fruit for breakfast (for the most part) and enjoy eating 100% “clean" meals now and again. My body feels the difference! The amazing gift though is that I now know what I can do if the symptoms ever came back, which is priceless and reassuring information!

Dev Hirani, (Ulcerative Colitis), UK

In the last 6 months I have gone through a transformational change I have healed my Ulcerative Colitis and am drug free. It all started when the doctor who I had listened to for 4 years, taking their prescribed drugs, told me the only way to cure my Ulcerative Colitis was to have surgery and remove my colon (yes a big shock to the system).

At the same time, they continuously told me that the disease is not triggered by food or lifestyle, which I never believed, and this time the shock finally woke me up to start doing something for myself. I believed it was time to take ownership of this issue and try alternative therapy.

I had been blessed to have been introduced to the Colitis and Crohn’s program. Both brothers had valuable information and were extremely patient to ensure I believed and followed the program. It was so helpful to have Sham who had been through the same program so he understood the pain in the journey and was able to connect and give me positive energy whenever I needed it. Even if we were based on opposite ends of the world they were easily accessible.

I am grateful to have met these 2 superstars that are now dedicated to serving others. I would highly recommend you take up their free initial consultation, that half hour could be the gateway for a Colitis and Crohn’s free world you are looking for!

– Dev Hirani

MRS. Kelkar (Ulcerative colitis), India

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2011. It was a living hell as I experienced rectal bleeding, diarrhea, bloating, loss of appetite, headaches and never felt energetic. I was put on a lot of different medicines to bring my Colitis symptoms under control. These included steroids, immunosuppressants, enemas, etc. But nothing seemed to work as my flare ups would not go. My Gastroenterologist would prescribe me heavy medication during each consultation without any discussion of lifestyle and dietary changes. He assured me that this is an incurable disease and that I can only maintain or be in remission with medicines until I’m alive.

I was at my wit’s end when I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s when I met these two super brothers, Shukul and Shamiz. They were God sent for me. It was the first time in four years that someone was talking about curing and healing this horrible disease. And that too by eating the right food! Since the day I signed up they were available at any time to help me out. After a detailed and thorough consultation, I was put on a plan to stop my medication within the first 20 days. It took me only one-liner email to book them for a Skype call each time. Moreover, they work all 7 days of the week which I have never seen anywhere else. They patiently answered all my questions and concerns.

Along with the plant based diet consultations, Shamiz was especially very helpful in restoring my emotional confidence to deal with the ailment. I was now slowly restoring my health and feel energetic on a clean diet. Let me tell you it was not an easy process at all however these two were always on my side virtually (we were on opposite ends of the world) giving me the emotional support and correct guidance at each step.

I am thankful to God to have met them and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to change their life for good.

-Mrs. Kelkar

Anonymous, Ulcerative Colitis

I suffered from the Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Ulcerative Colitis for almost a year, with several flare ups even when on medications. I was always told by doctors that there is no cure for this health condition, therefore one day browsing on Youtube I found Shamiz’s video and his testimonial about how he was cured of colitis, I did not hesitate in contacting High Carb Health straight away.

The 3-month journey went by so quickly and I had all the necessary support from High Carb Health via Skype and emails, I also had explanations to my doubts and fears. If you’re about to start this journey you truly have to believe in yourself as you have a self-healing body that is optimized when exposed to the right food.

High Carb Health taught me how to eat for long term sustainable health, this is how I was able to heal this medically incurable condition (Ulcerative Colitis).

It is possible to follow this lifestyle and thrive, at first I thought it could be too restricted but it’s just a matter of getting used to it, people only drink milk and eat meat because they were taught this way and are used to it. If you were raised on a whole foods plant-based lifestyle you would not think it is ‘too restricted’ so believe in yourself and in the capacity of these two professionals, If I made it you can make it as well. Be happy! 🙂

Milan Kanji, Weight-loss & Health (30 day challenge), nz

After finishing my 30-day challenge, my body has never felt better. During the 30 days, I lost kgs quite easily. I would like to personally thank Shukul Kachwalla, Shamiz Kachwalla & David Cordtz for introducing me to this new lifestyle change. I feel a lot more active and happy after changing to this Plant-based lifestyle. The best part is that it does not feel like a diet at all because I am eating a lot more healthy and raw food products than I normally would. I started this change to improve my physical health and lose weight. I can happily say that I have achieved these goals and I will definitely be carrying on with the plant-based lifestyle. I have lost 12kgs and am feeling happier than ever! At the time of writing this, I have been on this high carb plant-based diet for 9 weeks now. Thanks, team for the support!

Brett Duffy, Personal Trainer (30 day challenge), Australia

“I’m almost finished my 30-day challenge with 2 days to go. I will be writing a testimonial about the journey and what I plan on doing when I finish. I just wanted to say that I’ve never felt this good, I’m not bloated anymore and don’t feel bloated after a big meal. It took me a little bit to get used to as my stomach was too small for the amount of food I needed for this lifestyle, so my calories were pretty low at the start but by the 2nd week with the help of Shukul I was eating between 2500 to 3000 calories a day and I was still able to lose 6kg! I would like to thank Shukul Kachwalla and the High Carb Health crew with the help and also DC Cordtz for the motivation and seeing how I was going through the process. Also if it wasn’t for DC I wouldn’t have met Shukul and this would have never happened. I started at 84.8 and weighed in at 78.8. So you might think that its hard at the start but keep at it and your true potential will reveal itself and knowing it’s doing wonders for your health and fitness was else do you want".

Kate McCullough, Digestive Pain & discomfort, NZ

It all started in early 2015 when about once a month I would get really bad diarrhea and stomach pains. I thought I might be gluten intolerant so I went gluten-free for months with still no improvement. I decided to be extra sure I wasn’t allergic to gluten by going to the doctor in July 2015 to get an allergy test for gluten, but it came back negative. The doctors had no idea why I had all this stomach pain and did not know how to help me. So all year my digestion was just not right and the number of times I was getting diarrhea and stomach pains just kept increasing until January 2016 when it got really bad. I was going to the toilet 5-6 times a day, every day, I had the worst stomach pains every time I ate and I had no idea what was going on. I went to the doctors again to try to find an answer and then sent me to get some blood tests and stool tests which all came back fine so I had no more answers as to what was causing my digestives issues.

After suffering for a month of this I decided I needed to try to get some other help, so I and saw an Ayurveda consultant, who put me on a strict diet and told me to cut out a lot of foods and mainly eat cooked foods including lots of rice, lentils/dhal, and cooked vegetables and to only have 1 piece of fruit a day which had to be cooked. I found this very difficult to follow but I was determined to get better so followed what she said. But I only got worst, the stomach pains increased, my bowel movements increased, I felt so tired and low on energy all the time I just didn’t know what to do anymore. My body was telling me that it was not happy eating this way and something need to change.

Then I met Shukul Kachwalla at a vegan potluck in Auckland and found out he had a nutrition workshop coming up in a week and I knew I just had to go. I went to the workshop run by him and his brother and learned an incredible amount of knowledge and took everything they said on board and left with the confidence they could help me get better. I followed what they said, which was mainly raw till 4, as many raw fruits and vegetables as I desired during the day, and cooked vegetables/starches for dinner, while avoiding grains to give my digestions a break. Just after doing this for 2 weeks everything had changed. I had no more stomach pains, I was only going to the toilet 1-2 times a day, I had all my energy back and I felt like a new person again. It’s amazing how just simply eating how our bodies are designed for everything just naturally falls back into place. I can pretty much eat everything now with no problem, but still feel my best eating as much raw fruits and vegetables as I wish, while limiting the number of legumes and high fatty foods. I will treasure the knowledge they taught me forever and know they will always be willing to help me if I had any more issues.

So I just wanted to say thank you so so so much Shukul and Shamiz for sharing your knowledge with me and helping me turn my life around for the better, I am forever thankful for what you guys do to help me and so many other people like me. If anyone is having any sort of digestive issue or just wants to know how to live a happier healthier life I recommenced seeing these guys!!!

Thanks again for all your help
– Kate

Jayesh Raval, (Type 2 Diabetes, IBS, Diverticulitis), London, UK

Jayesh Raval used to suffer from High Blood Pressure, IBS, diverticulitis and Type 2 Diabetes. Listen to his testimony of how he has gone off all medication and healed his dis-ease. His Blood Sugar level (HbA1c) went from 10.2 to 5.2 in 2 weeks without medication and his digestion improved significantly! Learn more and fill out our health survey here. Jayesh was eating a high fruit diet and he was able to drop his blood sugar.

Toni-Anne (Perioral Dermatitis), NZ

“I was a sufferer of unsightly & painful acne. The recommendation to try out High Carb Health did NOT DISAPPOINT!

Shukul & Shamiz are truly incredible. They are kind-hearted, professional, and really know their stuff. I have never had that level of concern for my health from any doctor/dermatology specialist, and I have been to, too many in my time. Instead of throwing cases of different medicines to try they actually ADDRESSED THE ISSUE. This acne has NEVER cleared on its own or for this long. As well as a difference in my skin, I’ve also overcome some more personal health issues and managed to lose 4kgs without really trying!

After going to many different doctors and trying many different drugs I just wanted a solution to my acne that was actually going to work. That’s when I reached out to High Carb Health and committed to a high carb, low-fat vegan diet. After years of quick fixes and quicker returns I finally did something that was a) productive b) healthy for my body and c) produced long term results. As you can see I still have a little scarring and the occasional spot but I would much rather this than rely on medication and experience more inflammation/redness/breakouts whenever my prescription ran out. I am thankful for those times because it taught me not to place so much value on my appearance. Not only did I heal my acne, but also my horrendous digestive issues and PCOS symptoms. Their unique business model and reasonable price are bonuses too! Would recommend 100%! Cheers Sham and Shuk"

SYLVIA PHILCOX, gold medalist national grappling champion, NZ

“Thanks to Shukul and Shamiz from High Carb Health for working with me for the last month. Recommend their expertise – they helped me increase energy during shift work and maximize performance potential".

Deane Trethewey (Digestive Pain), NZ

“Thanks to Shukul and Shamiz from High Carb Health for working with me for the last month. Recommend their expertise – they helped me increase energy during shift work and maximize performance potential".

“I decided to contact High Carb Health after discovering the power of diet to reverse Ulcerative Colitis. I was suffering from digestive pains and low energy and found it difficult to work in a physical job as I was feeling exhausted most of the time.

I found High Carb Health to be very helpful and thorough. After a few weeks of following their guidance & advice, I felt much better, my digestive pains and low energy started to fade.

A few months on I am almost back to normal my digestive issues are much better and my energy levels are improving and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their health through diet!

Thanks again for your help"
– Deane Trethewey

Jatinder Vaid (ulcerative colitis), United kingdom

“I would like to take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks to Shukul & Shamiz for their help and guidance in curing my Ulcerative Colitis. I had been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for approximately 8 months before I came across the service provided by Shukul & Shamiz. Having approached them via another similar service, I was soon confident that I had made the right decision to go with them.

They are both extremely knowledgeable and have a very friendly manner over webchat. During the initial part of my recovery, I was able to contact both of them quite frequently as I was providing daily updates on my health and wanted as much feedback as possible. They were always available when I needed them and gave me the confidence needed to keep going. They also pro-actively took an interest in my health for the few times where I wasn’t in contact with them as much as I should have been.

I am now completely rid of Ulcerative Colitis and would highly recommend the service provided by Shukul & Shamiz."

Thanks, guys.

Fedja Filipovic (ulcerative colitis), Bosnia & herzegovina

“If you are having trouble with your health this diet program is the right thing for you. Autoimmune conditions, diabetes, etc all can be cured with this diet. Initially, it can be frustrating and you will have pitfalls but you have to endure it.

I have beaten colitis and have experienced the power of fruit. This diet took me away from drugs and got me better so try it yourself and make sure that it works. Fruit up."

Dharini Marinkovich, (acne), NZ

I have been on and off the heavy drug Isotretinoin for the past 2-3 years which comes with many risks including the most disturbing side effect of severe birth defects (if you get pregnant). This did clear up my skin but as soon as the drug left my system it would relapse to horrendous acne.

My skin is not perfect yet but I have been off the medication for two months and my face is not inflamed and sore and only has a small amount of acne. Friends and family are commenting that my skin looks great and healthy. I also feel like I have a clearer head and more energy. I don’t crave sweet desserts anymore because the high carb low fat vegan lifestyle is naturally sweet and very filling, no starvation required!

Shukul and Shamiz have been very supportive and knowledgeable, they explain the science behind nutrition and disease simply but will go in more depth if you want them to.

Emilee Clark (IBS), NZ

I worked with Shukul and Shamiz for 3 months to try to cure my IBS that I’ve struggled with for over 3 years. I have tried every medicine, diet and medical cleansing procedure possible and had no success. It wasn’t until a friend recommended High Carb Health to me that I saw a change in my body.

It has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and put my body through mentally and physically and I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without their guidance and support. I’m still working on my healing journey but I’m a lot closer than I used to be and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Matthew Armstrong (Digestive pain), NZ

I had been having on-and-off stomach problems for a while. I would get pain that would last for most of the day, if not longer. Working with High Carb Health has helped me understand how the digestive system works and how to eat to make sure I don’t have digestive discomfort.

Shukul was a brilliant adviser. I threw many questions at him over the month (some more than once), both via email and during our meetings, and he was always happy to answer them all in a clear, honest way. He also managed to surprise me with a lot of his facts.

It was great to get that clarity on what to aim for with my plant-based diet. It has made my decision-making a lot simpler and easier.

Lastly, I haven’t had the usual big problems with my stomach over the month, and Shukul assures me it will stay that way if I stick to the plan. I don’t doubt it for a second.

Thank you for all your help!

Tegan Prescott, (improved overall health), NZ

I couldn’t recommend anybody else more experienced than these 2 brothers.

They were both so helpful with guiding me through a whole foods plant based lifestyle. They also taught me a lot on how to properly combine foods (improving my digestion), how many calories to eat, and the Acid/Alkaline balance. My bloating disappeared, my sleep improved, I have loads more energy and my face is clearing up, following their advice.

My knowledge and understanding of diet and health have improved and I feel more confident about being on a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. Thank you for all the support during the month I had with you.

Shukul and Shamiz both also helped me with my baby daughter Maia. Her digestion improved significantly and she is eating a lot more. She is now so much happier and sleeps loads better. Thanks, guys appreciate your help.

Donna, What was your life like before you joined us and did you try any other treatments or plans?

Life was very up and down (In regard to my health), but it was mostly full of downs.

Prior to my diagnosis, I lacked energy, was constantly on the toilet and suffered from headaches almost on a daily basis. I remember just feeling like a completely different person to my younger self as I was someone who was full of life and very active.

Once I was diagnosed with UC I kind of just accepted that feeling low was my norm and I carried on with life believing that. Being at university for the majority of my diagnosis, I ate whatever I wanted (mostly junk foods), slept super late and didn’t really exercise. I just thought as long as I listen to the docs and I take my meds then it’s all good. I did try things like going gluten-free, eating a low fiber diet, cutting down on milk, etc. but none of these things really made much difference…

It wasn’t until a few months before starting with HCH that my health reached its worst. My body started to reject the medication that I had been taking for years (it literally came out in the full form in my stools) and so I was advised to add steroids into my med regime but instead of helping, it made me feel worse. I had never suffered from any mental health issues but all of a sudden it reached its lowest, to the point in which I didn’t even want to leave my bed. Physically I wasn’t doing great, I was constantly tired, going to the toilet and even started vomiting, everything just seemed to be going downhill. I stopped with the steroids and was back to just taking my original meds, a month down the line I found myself going to the toilet around 20 times a day, I could barely walk and I had zero energy to do anything which eventually led to me being hospitalized.

I just remember feeling so lost and so sad. I listened to the doctors, I took the meds, I tried altering my diet in ways but nothing worked and instead of improving, I was just getting worse and worse. All I wanted was my health and so I set out to take control and make my health my priority and that’s when HCH came into my life.

How did you find out about us?

A friend of mine knew what I was going through and had a friend that had a similar experience, who had worked with HCH and got their life back. I got in touch with that person and the rest is history 🙂

What was the program like?

The program was definitely a challenge but one that I am extremely thankful for. It has changed me in ways that I never thought it would!

In terms of support, I honestly have no words, It was just incredible. For the first time, it felt like someone actually cared, understood how I felt/what I was going through, and just genuinely wanted to help which I think is what’s best about the program.

I was able to get in touch with HCH whenever I needed and could ask as many stupid questions, confide or even let go of any emotions and have a big ol’ cry. I was made to feel fully comfortable and aware that there would always be someone to listen and lend a helping hand.

I did find the food part quite difficult, especially sticking to the ‘healing diet’ as I just found myself wanting to eat more of a variety! I definitely learned that I am not as patient as I thought I was haha. But what’s great is that HCH listened and made the necessary adjustments for me. The program isn’t based on a one size fits all approach and is tailored to you which is a plus!

Mentally, the program tested me but it enabled me to dig deep and learn so much about myself and my headspace and has taught me to become a strong-minded person. As mentioned previously, my mental health took a massive hit before starting the program and with the help of HCH I was able to build it back up and it is getting better day after day. The program is focused on food, yes, but there is so much more to it including mental health and HCH does a great job in working on that.

Overall, the program empowered me. It has set the foundations for me to build a happy and healthy life.

How is your life now after the guidance?

Life is awesome! The program enabled me to hit reset on my life, I do feel like an entirely new person! I now feel so happy and excited, I wake up every morning and feel grateful to be alive and well and ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

I’m still learning so much about my body and my health but I just take each day as it comes and know that I am a work in progress.

What advice would you give to others?

JUST DO IT. The program is life-changing. You will be able to take control of your health and you will have the best support to do so. Living a life full of various symptoms shouldn’t be anyone’s norm, it should be one full of positivity, energy and a love for life and HCH can help you get there.


37 years old and life was full, fast and exciting when it took a sudden turn. Perhaps not so much a turn, but a sudden neck-breaking stop! I had begun the year in New York working a contract, then had a trip to India and was back in Ireland awaiting my transfer back to New York for more work when my body “failed me". As the months wore on and my job opportunity passed me by, I was now 37 years old; stuck on my parent’s couch unable to function or live any form of life. The doctors, the blood, the specialists, the colonoscopy’s, more blood, endoscopy’s, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, MRI scans, more blood, steroids, Pentasa and a feeling of achievement every time I could go for a short walk or meet a friend for an hour, life was unrecognizable. By the time I was diagnosed with Crohn’s I was ecstatic. It proved I wasn’t crazy. Oh, how ignorance is bliss.

In January 2018 a doctor could have handed me opium and I would have taken it with zeal but instead, I was given Infliximab (biologic) and began to claw my life back bit by bit. Over the next year, I would come to realize that doctors should say when diagnosing you that you have a choice between the side of the effects of drugs and the symptoms of the disease but that you will never be well again. Nausea was a persistent pest, weight gain, memory loss, acne and finally Telogen Effluvium – the loss of my hair. I was switched from Infliximab to Entyvio and pains in my heals and arms soon replaced nausea. A desperate feeling of isolation and helplessness befell me. I lay in an oncology ward, Entyvio pumping into my veins – numb – a pawn in a game. The game I came to realize was a disease misunderstood by the medical profession where doctors try this, try that, a bit more of this, a bit less of that, using drugs never designed for this cursed disease. It was all a game of chance, trial, and error. After 6 months of Entyvio, nausea soon returned followed by a flare. I had had enough of this unwinnable game!

I realized if this was the best I could hope for with the disease mostly in remission and mild as a specialist described it if this was the blueprint of my life to come then how was I ever to live with the normal stresses and challenges of life? Move jobs? Travel? Have kids? Deal with bereavement? Each time you feel well you simply turn the egg timer over and wait for the next “something" to strike. You live your life in hindsight, never enjoying the moment. There had to be another way. There had to be an answer to this.

I found High Carb Health in June 2019. Now thanks to those two wonderful men I play by my own rules – free of medications and this disease. I am fully back in control of my body and my life. The future is … well, I have one!

HCH taught me that my body hadn’t “failed me" – I had failed it.

I had found the ESCAPE key from this game!


Hi – I’m Rose.

For about four years I suffered from abdominal pain and bloating, and a feeling of discomfort after daily bowel motions.

Less than a year ago, my GP concluded I had irritable bowel syndrome and said there was no cure, though he did prescribe psyllium, which to me tasted a bit like what I imagine concrete would taste like because it would set in water, so I kind of opted out of that.

Then I had a fall off a bike that was too big for me, landing hard on my back and fracturing my L2. As a result of pain, I was prescribed first codeine, of which I took only two tablets, and then tramadol, of which I took only one tablet; both of which constipated me for a whole week.
By that time, I was beside myself with an added problem of not only a bloated abdomen, but I was also in pain from constipation.

After my daughter talked to me about the High Carb Health program, I researched their website and watched Shamiz’ video and had a 30-minute free skype consultation, I decided to give their program a three-month trial.

At first, it wasn’t easy, as I would give in to the temptation to assuage my iced coffee fixes, which put me on the back foot, so to speak, and I struggled to meet the 2000 calories a day with eating healthy food. And if I didn’t eat enough in the evenings, I would not have a restful or a decent long night’s sleep.

But once I overcame the iced coffee temptation, and ate only fruit until about 4 pm each day, combining the acid and sub-acid fruits, or eating sweet fruit with sub-acid fruit, or watermelon first before other fruits, & eating enough vegetables in the evenings, I could immediately see and feel a difference. Sometimes I “fall off the rails” and have a treat, but when I do eat something that is NOT good for me, I know, and I have to tell myself not to eat that item of food again. However, I am only human, as Shamiz would say.

Losing ten kilos of weight was an added bonus, and I was told this was “toxic substance”! For anyone who is really committed to helping themself overcome IBS or any other similar problem, I would recommend the High carb health program, knowing that it is not a diet, but a way of life, that is ongoing, giving me control over how I feel and act because of added vigor.

High carb health has shared recipes with me, which I have tried and I have also linked into Forks over Knives website who share healthy recipes that make food seem less “blah”. Buying an air fryer has made what could-be-boring-food taste more delicious, yet still, be nutritious.

I believe that by eating healthily, I am also helping the environment by not eating meat or dairy products.

As an afterword, my son & daughter in law said to me last week, that they notice I even sound different and have more LIFE in me. My nails and skin have also improved and I usually have more energy, even though I am 66 and semi-retired. I get on my healthy-food ‘band-wagon’ to anyone who will listen, and woe betide anyone who tells me I am crazy, or I won’t (have to) or be able to, carry this on for the rest of my life – that makes me more determined to do it. My back pain has since improved although sadly I haven’t been able to bike as much as I once did because the action of peddling still irritates my back. But, I can still walk, run, swim and climb – all exercises that keep down that excess weight I didn’t need to carry around. I would like to thank High Carb Health for their support and guidance through this process. They are doing wonderful things and have helped me immensely

Carla (Crohn's Disease Australia)

September 2010 (23 y/o) was the first time that I learnt I had ulceration in two parts of my colon, which was most likely the early days of Crohn’s due to the ‘patchy’ and ‘deep’ nature of the ulcers. It was mild, so no medication was prescribed. 2011 brought about my first ‘disturbing’ flare-up, and it was then that I was prescribed anti-inflammatory suppositories. After that came a period of nothing, only for it to come back again even stronger in 2015/16 on and off. Lucky enough, I was never hospitalised, but I still met my ‘crisis point’ in July/Aug 2016. I was eating smaller meals to avoid uncomfortable symptoms of dis-ease and bloating, seeing a naturopath who prescribed me expensive herbal tablets and elixirs, and incidentally, I lost a fair bit of weight, vitality and emotional sanity. This was just before signing up with High Carb Health.

Making the decision to take control and treat myself and my state of health in the most natural way possible with no drugs or potions was the best decision I ever made. I knew for a long time that a plant-based whole-foods diet was significant to me, (having turned plant-based in early 2014) but didn’t know how to go about it! This is where High Carb Health were the guys that gave me the voice of reason, comfort, knowledge, information and advice to truly understand what was going on with my body and how I could support it properly. Their encouragement and kind words also helped me to keep on going when I experienced moments of doubt and emotional stress.

Generally, we’re not used to trusting our body and its functions. The most logical knowledge when it comes to healing is not common knowledge, and instead, we find ourselves in places where we are impatient, want results instantaneously and turn to ‘quick fix’ medications and procedures. Slow down, take a few breaths, be inspired by others, reach out, let people help you, give it a go, open your eyes and enjoy the incredible healing process. It only gets better from here!

After healing Crohn’s in 2017, I was able to conceive in 2018 and have a healthy pregnancy and natural birth without any medical interventions. My 14-month-old baby is happy, healthy and thriving!

Thanks again guys – words can’t describe how happy I am to have met you. Keep on inspiring

Name: Carla
Disease: Crohn’s Disease
Location: Australia

Hansa (Ulcerative Colitis)

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with a health issue that I had never heard of (Ulcerative Colitis). It caught me off guard! The doctors never ever discussed diet and I was advised the latter did not make a difference either! You name it and I had tried all different approaches to heal from my condition. I started doing my own research through the internet and tried expensive naturopathic, Ayurveda remedies and distance healing approaches. I did experience some relief, but it was very temporary. I wanted to find out why my body was reacting with inflammation when I was very health/diet conscious – mostly plant-based with eggs and fish. My acupuncturist and my nutritionist continued to advise me to eat eggs for protein and add lean meats to my diet. Of course, my symptoms got worse as I followed their advice. My red blood count was dangerously low and I had to go through iron and blood transfusions – experiencing unpleasant side effects from the infusions.

Every day, I would be scouring the internet for some kind of a natural relief, from cabbage juice to aloe Vera juice. I watched so many different YouTube videos, to no avail. Until one day, I watched a few High Carb testimonials, reviewed those several times. I finally got the courage to reach out to them. As I explained my medical history to Shamiz/Shukul, they knew exactly what I was going through. Finally, I could speak to someone intelligently about my health concerns without pushing pills. They were very attentive and listened to my concerns and willing to help me guide through a more natural approach.

I had read Dr. Klein’s book a couple of years ago, but I failed to follow his protocol. I was overwhelmed with all the information and did not know where to start even though I was already a vegan. That’s when High Carb came to my rescue. Shukul/Shamiz take their time with you to understand your situation and customise your protocol. They show compassion and constantly communicate with you to ensure you are on track. In addition, they were always there to guide me through the process. I needed a health coach and they gave me their full support!

My first meeting with Sham was great. By talking to him the first few minutes, I felt relaxed and had found a coach who could relate to my situation and was ready to help me embark on my path to recovery. He speaks from experience and knowledge, so I felt I was in very good hands. He listened actively to my concerns and gave me the confidence that I would be able to recover with lifestyle changes. Healing is an individual process, not a one-time event. Diet and lifestyle changes also play a big role. My family and I both benefited from the program and will continue to practice what I learnt. I truly appreciate what they do with great compassion!

I wake up at 5 am and can keep going on and on and I don’t feel tired, even after working the whole day. One of the most amazing things is that I am not on any medications anymore and I am so happy about that. I am a fruit convert! I love fruits so much more in the morning now, I cannot go without my smoothie. I also do not have any issues with my digestion and I feel so much better than I did in the past. While I was mostly plant-based before I started I needed that extra step in the right direction to really get my digestion better and that is what I learnt working with High Carb Health. Thank you guys for helping me.


I had just begun my first year of college at 18 when I started experiencing symptoms in October. It started with really bad gas and then having to visit the bathroom more frequently than usual. It wasn’t anything too extreme so I thought it would go away, until one evening in November I saw blood in my stool. I told my mom and we made an appointment to see the doctor. At first they didn’t know what was wrong. They did ultrasounds and blood tests but after doing a colonoscopy they told me that I had Ulcerative Colitis and that I would have it for the rest of my life. When I first heard this I knew that it couldn’t be true and there had to be a way to get better. They said they’re not sure of the cause, that it could be stress. We asked if it was diet related and they said it wasn’t, but eating white bread and rice could help. It just didn’t make sense to me that my immune system would just one day decide to start ‘attacking’ healthy tissue. But I didn’t have an answer so I followed the doctors instructions.

I was on and off different meds (Lialda, Mesalamine, Asacol, Prednisone) with no improvement. I tried fish oil, fasting, and drinking some kind of dirt water but none of them seemed to work. I stopped going to school as it got worse. I experienced a number of bad side effects from the different drugs (hives, vomiting, some weird bumps on one side of my head to name a few) in addition to losing 30 pounds (I started at about 150 (I’m 5’8")). On top of this I was going to the bathroom 24-30 times a day. This effectively killed my social life and I almost never left the house for three years as this went on. I couldn’t sleep at night due to the pain and having to run to the bathroom. I was anemic and was out of breath when climbing the stairs. I was angry and so confused that this happened to me. I tried to think of what I had done to cause this but still I didn’t know the answer.

Before this, I was in the best shape of my life being very athletic and outgoing. So to experience this complete destruction of almost every aspect of my life was mentally crushing. However, I thankfully have a strong mom and was taught to not give up. So some time during those three years I decided to work to get better even when I was still experiencing symptoms. Because I was not taking any more drugs I felt aware of the waves of flare-ups as they came and went (now I know it was my body trying to detox) and I felt better some days than others. I learned to ‘manage’ by not eating if I wanted to go somewhere. Can’t go to the bathroom if there’s nothing there to pass. I would try exercising some and chose to put my attention on things other than my symptoms. If I had all this time in the house I would use it wisely! I told myself that one day I’ll be better and I will wish I had all this time on my hands that I do now! Of course, I was still running to the bathroom and experiencing pain, and there were times when I didn’t want to get out of bed. I even fainted and had to go to the ER for 4 bags of fluid. But this time was the start of my mental state coming out of a dark place.

In 2011, I had another colonoscopy and in August made the decision to start on Remicade. I knew the risks and still knew that this wasn’t the answer. But I hoped it would give me some relief from the symptoms and it did. After about 5 months I was no longer having urgency to run to the bathroom, no more blood or pain and I gained my weight back. I was able to work and get back to my life. Well almost. Instead of being chained to the toilet I now felt chained to the infusions. An improvement, I thought, but not a solution. And though my worst symptoms were gone I was extremely fatigued constantly, even needing iron infusions at one point. I was on this Remicade for 8 years during which time I made new friends, got married and moved to a new house. I wouldn’t say this immunosuppressant gave me my life back, I would say it gave me a respite from symptoms, enough time to do research and attack the root cause of this disease. It was when my husband and I talked of having kids that my mind went back to the urgency of overcoming this disease. I didn’t just want to be off the drugs for a baby, I wanted off the drugs forever.

That night I dove into research and websites looking for anything that would help. I finally came across a HCH video on YouTube in March of 2018. The guy in the video talked about his experience with ulcerative colitis and how he switched to a plant-based vegan diet to help his body heal and get rid of the disease. I know the internet has a lot of scams out there but I honestly knew this could be the answer almost immediately. I watched through nearly all of Shamiz’ videos and found myself just crying at the realization that this was the answer. It was logical to me that food had something to do with it and if all I had to do was change my diet to get better…I could do that. It was such a simple thing that I was a little angry none of the doctors knew anything about it. I might’ve also been crying because deep inside I accepted the fact that it would be a big lifestyle change giving up a lot of foods that I enjoyed. I knew it would be a big change but this solution was so appealing to me and better than being on drugs for the rest of my life. I especially knew I had to do this because Shamiz even mentions the book ‘Self-Healing Colitis and Crohns’ by David Klein. This is ironic for me because during those first three years when I was sick, my mom actually bought that book and was trying to get me to drink juices. At that time, I was in such a low place that I didn’t care enough to believe it would or wouldn’t work or even try it. (Now, I wish I had listened!) But my mind had to be ready for the complete change and now it was.

I went cold turkey plant based the next day. I was a newbie so I probably wasn’t 100% plant based but I saw some changes despite still being on the Remicade at this time. I lost about 10-15 pounds over 2 months (landing at 145) and felt a little more energized. Though my stool on Remicade was far from what it should be, there was an ever so slight improvement in that as well. Over the next 8 months I watched all of HCH’s videos, checked out their website as well as watched documentaries and read articles. I learned more about what it means to be vegan and eat a plant based diet and realized that switching to this lifestyle felt more in line with who I was. I had always been an animal lover and the more aware I became of what all those animals go through for products, the more I couldn’t consciously choose to eat them. It helped motivate me to keep it up. I began eating healthier foods, more vegetables and fruits, even foods that I had never eaten before.

In December of 2018 I had my free consult with Shamiz and he was the same genuine person as in his videos. He explained some about the process and didn’t try to sell me anything. He just offered his knowledge and help and left the decision up to me. But I already knew that this was something I wanted to do. After 10 years I didn’t want to wait any longer! I talked with my husband and decided that I wanted to be off work for this healing process to give my body every opportunity to heal. This meant we had to change some things around in our life before I could start. After all this time it was frustrating for me to have to wait even longer. While we made these changes I fell off the plant based wagon here and there, on and off again for 7 months or so. Looking back I wish I hadn’t but I understand now that I was wrestling with a habit and food was the escape from the stress I was going through. When all was settled, I contacted HCH and began the healing journey. In July of 2019, I came off of Remicade and have been off since.

I worked with Shukul for 6 months and he helped me understand further how the body works to cleanse and heal itself with the help of healthy plant foods. Shukul answered any and all questions I had and it was such a comfort to talk to someone who had close knowledge on what I had been going through. He helped me stay focused on the end goal and we made adjustments to the diet where they were necessary. I surprisingly experienced very little detox symptoms (some discomfort, only 10 pounds lost, some sores in the mouth, and low energy). After watching so many testimonials and even knowing that everyone detoxes differently, I was still expecting a harsh detox after coming off of Remicade. This healing journey has taught me more about the mental side of things and how important it is in this process to stay positive. I’ve become so much more aware of my body, when it needs rest, when to feed it, what to feed it, and just as important what thoughts to think and when to let things go. I’m still working on my energy level but I know it’ll just get better and better as my body continues to heal. I’m enjoying what I eat so much more now because instead of associating food with taste and habit, I know that what I’m eating is what heals and fuels my body and I’m eating these foods for the purpose of health, and beyond that for the animals and the world we all live in. Those other foods will never taste as good as being healthy feels!

I’m so thankful for Shamiz and Shukul, for what they do, and for helping people like me get their life back. In a way, it’s still sinking in that after 11 years, I’ve finally overcome this disease with simple, beautiful, healthy plant foods. I completely recommend this program to anyone who is having digestive issues. It is 100% worth it. I only wish I had done it sooner!

Nicole (Ulcerative Colitis)

I was first diagnosed with a mild form of UC in November 2018 that escalated to severe exactly 1 year later. With a drive to prove doctors wrong, avoid a lifetime of toxic drugs and live a healthy and fulfilling life (with my colon), I was fortunate enough to find High Carb Health.

With Shukul’s weekly support, nutritional expertise and experience helping hundreds of others heal, I feel better than I’ve ever felt before. I’m now also proof that it’s possible to heal and reverse UC by nourishing your body with plant-based whole foods, hydrating with pure water, fueling with rest and applying a strong mindset. It takes discipline and is a long-term commitment, but it’s worth it. I’ve been medication-free for 5 months and counting.

The testimonials from the brave people sharing their stories helped me throughout my healing journey and continue to serve as inspiration. As a private person, I have a newfound sense of responsibility to now share my experience with others since it’s difficult to find information on the natural solution. My transformation has inspired so many people around me to either significantly reduce or completely eliminate their intake of animal products and choose plant-based whole foods. It’s truly a one size fits all lifestyle.

Name: Nicole
Disease: Ulcerative Colitis
Location: Germany

Omar (Ulcerative Colitis)

My life before joining the program was a lot of ups and downs. I was diagnosed with colitis in 2013. I was uncertain of my future and I did not know if I would ever find “remission" with my colitis. From steroids to suppositories you name it. The doctors tried everything. I was in and out of hospitals and my undergrad education was tainted with this disease. I started settling for a life of uncertainty.

However, despite all that was going on, I started having hope that there had to be another way. So I began researching.

I began transitioning into a plant-based diet in March/April 2018 after coming across several studies, testimonials, and articles regarding how a plant-based diet has numerous benefits in particular with colitis. On top of the resources, I found I came across Shamiz’s story and I felt I found someone who finally understood how miserable it can be with colitis. I followed your videos incessantly looking for anything I could find and began applying it to my life. From the healing diet to healing the mind, your guidance made a huge difference.

Unfortunately, later on, that year of 2018 I became homeless just before applying for a promotion at work and trying to heal from the diet at the same time. I started staying at hotels having healing symptoms but never giving up. It was extremely difficult but my faith never wavered. Literally from the blood, sweat, and tears, I knew that life could be better.

Fast forward to April of 2019 I finally decided that I had to join High Carb Health. There was no way I would let this opportunity slide from me. I remember that month was a month of more healing and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My symptoms started to clear up after just a few weeks of joining the program. However, due to my dire situation, I could not continue with the program.

In July 2020, with my new position, a home to live, and financial situation stabilizing, I contacted you and you were gracious enough to allow me back into the program.

The program was regimented. It was what I needed to get over the last hurdle of healing. My mindset was tried and so was my commitment to healing. I cannot express the gratitude for the work that you do. It allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I finally found peace of mind in healing my colitis and finding a cure outside of the standard treatments that I was receiving. My life has direction and hope for a better future.

The advice I would give to others is to seek help if they needed. This is no easy task. You can do it alone. But it makes a HUGE difference to have someone there beside you. The program works. The body heals. Trust the process. And don’t be shy if you lose some of the weight while in the process. It will come back! 🙂

Name: Omar
Disease: Ulcerative Colitis

Deb (Ulcerative Colitis)

I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis for 41 years, diagnosed at 16, triggered by eating issues which included binging on sweets, losing too much weight, and emotions following the death of my younger sister a few years earlier. I started out waking with severe abdominal pain along with bloody diarrhoea and mucus. It took 3 months for a diagnosis of UC. I started taking Azulfidine (sulfasalazine), which I was on for about 35 years. In the beginning, I was taking 12-16 Azulfidine tablets a day, making it difficult to keep food down. I was also on Prednisone for about 6 months, and forms of “topical” cortisone on and off for a few years.

It took several years before things settled down, but I almost always had a flare-up around the beginning of spring and fall.

Through the years I tried different things: a “caveman diet”, allergy shots, quitting sugar, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). Some of those helped. I’ve been on a mostly plant-based diet the last 8 years after reading books and watching documentaries on its benefits. I noticed that my joints were less achy, my UC symptoms subsided, and I was able to cut down and eventually stop my medication.

My nemesis has always been sugar – and maybe fat since they often go hand in hand. If I ate sugar/fat too much or too often, I would notice pain in my lower left colon, sometimes enough to double over. I would cut back for a while, and I got along well that way. I was off medication for about 5 years because I could control it with diet.

I have been getting colonoscopies about every 2-3 years for a while. My last 2 have shown “erosions” in my descending colon, probably the source of my pain. A couple of years ago, a doctor put me on Asacol, even though I was asymptomatic, which I took for 4 days. He told me it would prevent a “tsunami”. It made things worse and the list of side effects scared me, so I stopped. I had a colonoscopy the end of February 2020, right before the Covid-19 lockdown. I started feeling the signs of a flare during the prep or right after the scope. Because of the erosions, the doctor wanted me to start taking Azulfidine again, even though I had been off it for several years. It was also a stressful time at work.

It escalated into the worst flare-up I’d had in over 5 years. I couldn’t blame it on animal products. My indiscretions were cookies and frozen vegan entrees, maybe a couple of times a week. I tried to tweak my diet myself, but nothing was helping. After my colonoscopy in February, my doctor was also concerned that my white blood count was very low, which by the way is not abnormal when you follow a plant-based diet. He wanted to see me in 6 months. I feared what he might put me on if I was in a flare. (I later saw a haematologist for my low WBC who had no concerns about my levels.)

I learned of High Carb Health on a post from someone on a Dr McDougall Facebook page, someone saying her son had been helped by the program. I read their website, watched a bunch of the testimonials, and finally decided to do the free consultation. I was motivated by the fear of seeing my GI doc again, so I was already ready to commit to the program when I talked to Shamiz. I started the 3-month program in June.

I had weaned myself back off the Azulfidine by the time I started and had already been following a diet like the transition diet for 3 weeks prior: no sugar, all simple, basic foods, and yet I was having 9-14 BMs per day with all the other “fun stuff” that goes along with UC. Thank goodness I was able to work from home due to the pandemic! I cut back to the foods Shamiz & Shukul recommended once I started the program, but it wasn’t until I started the actual healing diet a few weeks into it that I would get an occasionally formed stool.

After about 6 weeks from starting with HCH, the diarrhoea was mostly gone, as was the blood and mucus. I had unexpected guests for almost 2 weeks after a severe storm left them without power. I was compliant at first, but then I started eating things I shouldn’t: pizza, tortilla chips, greasy fries. Two or three weeks of this with the extra stress brought me back to square one with all the symptoms I started with. I learned my lesson. After I got back on the program, it took about a month to get back where I was.

Six months after starting with High Carb Health, I am back to normal. I am free to eat whatever I want, but will always have trouble whenever I overindulge in sweets or fatty foods. After this many years with Ulcerative Colitis, I didn’t think I would need this kind of help from someone like HCH. It was nice to have Shukul to give me a little guidance and encouragement on a weekly basis. Keeping a record of my food intake and my bowel habits was helpful. In my case, I think too little sleep, stress/mindset, and medication contributed to this flare-up. I feel like I’m better equipped to avoid flare-ups in the future, or at least to nip them in the bud before they get worse. Follow the 5 basic principles that they talk about: proper food, sleep, hydration, exercise, and mindset. If that doesn’t work for you, try High Carb Health. They should be able to help you out.

Name: Deb
Disease: Ulcerative Colitis

Yara (Ulcerative Colitis)

It started in 2018, whenever I visited the bathroom, I saw traces of blood. I thought it was something temporary I didn’t give it much attention, it was my only symptom. Then I started seeing more blood, I went to the doctor and did a colonoscopy, I was told I had a mild ‘infection’ in my rectum. The doctor didn’t give my diagnosis a name, so back then I still didn’t know what was going on. He told me not to worry, and it should go with mesalamine suppositories. I asked if what I’m eating has anything to do with it, he said no, it’s nothing don’t worry.

So I didn’t worry, the medicine seemed to work at first, no more blood. A few months later I started seeing blood again, one year later, it came back, accompanied by bloating, acid reflux, irregular bowel movements with bright maroon blood, every time. I Did another colonoscopy, the doctor diagnosis was mild ‘proctitis’, affecting a larger area of my rectum, the disease was increasing over time, the doctor again said don’t worry, take a higher dosage of mesalamine, it should work. Do I have to change anything I eat? No, he said, just stick to the medicine.

The medicine worked for a few weeks then guess what? It all came back really ugly, I was terrified, so I decided to worry this time. I read about the medicine I was taking, it clearly said it doesn’t heal you, it only controls the symptoms, and you have to take it for life. Now that I know my diagnosis, I started reading about people with UC, how it can progress over time and end up removing the colon, I panicked, I had wounds inside me and I wanted them to be healed.

I stumbled upon High Carb Health, I learned that their healing program is based on Dr Klien’s book (Self Healing: Crohn’s & Colitis) I got the book & read it in a couple of days I was eager to start this healing program, it sounded very natural and harmless which was very encouraging. I started the 3 months healing journey with Shukul in May 2020, he was very informative and supportive throughout the entire time, I loved that the program is very educating, Shukul made me understand what was happening in my body and how I can provide the right conditions for my body to heal itself. The vegan diet was a drastic change for me & wasn’t easy, yet the instant relief I felt on the very first day in the program made me realize that it actually works!

After only a couple of weeks I stopped seeing any trace of blood, I felt lighter, no bloating or acid refluxes, it was astonishing. I believe I had a very positive healing experience and now, 7 months later, I feel completely healed and I’m still maintaining the High Carb Health vegan diet, I understand my body much better now and I’m determined to share my experience with anyone who’s suffering from IBD diseases, I learned that there’s hope, it’s not ‘chronic’, and the way to heal is much simpler than we think.

I truly cannot thank you enough High Carb Health for all the awareness, education and support. You are restoring the natural way of healing and you help people completely heal from diseases that we were told they are destined to stay forever.

Name: Yara
Disease: Ulcerative Colitis

Tanja (Ulcerative Colitis)

I found High Carb Health on YouTube, I was researching various ways to heal my ulcerative colitis. I was tired of the vicious cycle of having a flare every few months and my GI doctor wanting to put me on biologics after the other meds weren’t helping anymore. I was diagnosed with colitis over 7 years ago and tried different diets and supplements, but nothing was helping long-term unfortunately. I worked with Shukul for over 7 months, it was a very challenging detox. I had severe symptoms once I was put on the healing diet. I had terrible diarrhea, urgency, blood in my stool, 20+ BMs, lost my appetite and had a fever a few times a week. It was really horrible, at the end I couldn’t eat or drink since I had severe stomach pain and was very nauseous for days.

I ended up going to the hospital and I was there for a few nights, I was severely dehydrated and had lost over 20 pounds at that point. Recovery after the hospital was extremely challenging, I was weak and had no energy. It took a few weeks of resting and my appetite started to return and I was able to get some strength back. I continued to work with Shukul through this hard period and he was very supportive. I continued on a plant-based diet and slowly added different foods back into my diet. It took months for my stool to stabilize. I am glad I did this program, but the process was intense. With Shukul’s help I was able to go through with it and finally feel better.

I am in symptomatic remission and haven’t been on any meds for almost a year now. My BMs are normal and I have no pain or issues going to the bathroom. I still get bloated occasionally since it takes time to rebuild your microbiome, but being on a plant-based diet has been life changing. Thank you HCH.

Name: Tanja
Disease: Ulcerative Colitis

Sibel (Ulcerative Colitis)

Hey, Sibel here! I write this was so much excitement, as I had been visualising the day that I would be able to leave my “life after colitis” story! And here I am 🙂

After ending up in A+E in August 2020 and going through tests, I was diagnosed with UC. Doctors were telling me I had inflammation through the roof and had a ‘very’ sick colon. I had been living a super high-stress lifestyle, not taking care of myself mentally or physically, eating junk food for most of my life and experiencing anxiety attacks.

From the offset, I decided I wanted to take the natural route and found High Carb Health online. I knew very clearly that I wanted to live a full life where I wasn’t held back by UC or on multiple medications with horrible side effects for the rest of my life.

After watching a few testimonials, I realised that these guys were the real deal, so I reached out and joined the programme pretty much straight away – this was the best decision I have ever made!

I committed to seeing the process through – Of course, there were many ups and downs, but I had amazing weekly support and reassurance from Shukul throughout the entire process!

Just under a year later, I became free of all symptoms and now live a life free of UC! I am just another story in the countless people who have reversed their condition – If it has been possible for myself and others, it’s possible for you too!

Name: Sibel
Disease: Ulcerative Colitis