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1. High Carb Health only works with Clients who meet all of the criteria and understand and agree to all of the terms stated in the attached Statements of Understanding and Agreement.

2. High Carb Health only works with Clients who understand the principles of self-healing, toxemia, detoxification, weight loss and natural diet; who understand that this program is not a quick fix; who understand that patience and plenty of rest for an extensive time frame are needed to heal and rebuild; and who respect and appreciate this concept. If the Client has any questions and conflicts with any of these conditions, the Client is required to discuss them with High Carb Health. A positive health partnership is the goal.

3. High Carb Health only counsels clients who have read Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s in its entirety and continuously study the Vegan Healing Diet Sections 5.1 through 5.4.

Regular Consultation Terms:

* $ ______ for the selected Nutritional Programme. This fee is non-refundable and includes review of the Client’s Health Survey, Health Diaries and other reports, and unlimited* support throughout the time period chosen. Unused time is nonrefundable. Payments must be pre-paid. Payments must be paid as per the invoice received.

* Client agree to consult with High Carb Health for selfhealing, health education and counselling services

at the following fee for the selected Nutrition Programme: $ _____________.

  • Health is Wealth
  • Right Recovery
  • Speedy Starter
  • Two Week Trial

Client Understanding Statements:

The selected Nutritional Programme $ ____ counselling fee is non-refundable.

High Carb Health Consultants are not a medical doctors or physicians and cannot determine and make decisions regarding any need the Client may have for medical attention — that is the Client’s full responsibility.

High Carb Health Consultants do not diagnose, treat or advise in any medical matters, including medication use.

High Carb Health Consultants are Health Counsellors with a Certificate in Wholistic Health & Natural Healing from Dr David Klein’s Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy. We concentrate in educating and guiding people who strive for optimal health by implementing healthful living practices as described in the time-honoured Natural Hygiene Self-Healing System.

High Carb Health Consultants are Nutrition Educators, educated, trained and certified by the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy to counsel people in matters of nutrition and health.

High Carb Health welcomes working in concert with medical doctors and registered nurses of the Client’s choice.

High Carb Health’s ability to provide effective healing counselling services is dependent upon the completeness and depth of information provided by the Client and his/her medical doctor.

High Carb Health’s natural healing program is not a quick fix — during the initial stage, healing is often a slow and unsteady process that requires patience, rest, understanding and diligence. High Carb Health’s natural healing and healthful lifestyle programs are proven to be effective only as long as they are adhered to. There is no permanent “cure” if we continue or resume toxic and enervating lifestyle habits. In other words: health is the result of healthful living, and there are no exceptions to this biological law of life.

High Carb Health’s goal is to help the Client selfheal his/her illness condition and become healthier in a manner, which is safe and comfortable. The best healing results are realized via a complete rest of a duration, which is dictated by the Client’s physiological needs.

High Carb Health only works with the Client if his/ her involved family and advising medical doctor support the approach advised by High Carb Health.

High Carb Health only works with the Client if his/ her goal is to make a safe, medically-approved transition off all drug therapies for their respective dis-ease or dysfunction, as well as other nonrecommended “healing remedies,” and apply the Whole-foods Plant-based healing diet.

High Carb Health can provide natural healing education but cannot provide healing guidance and assure the Client that he/she will realize healing results if the Client is:

  • Experiencing extreme emotional distress;
  • Very confused and lacking confidence in the principles of self-healing and the Whole-foods Plant-based Diet Healing Plan;
  • Does not believe he/she can heal under his/ her own power;
  • Extremely malnourished;
  • Severely below his/her normal healthy weight;
  • Extremely debilitated by any medications;
  • Taking any antibiotic medicines;
  • Taking any immunosuppressant medicines;
  • Consuming any animal products or animalderived supplements;

There is some risk in this and any detoxification program. In most cases of disease, the body already is in a heightened detoxification mode due to an overload of disease causing toxic matter in the body. In the process of completely eliminating this toxic matter under the High Carb Health’s natural detoxification plan, some Clients may experience increased symptoms. Detoxification causes every client to experience temporary weight loss, as toxic matter is eliminated. High Carb Health strives to avoid unpleasant and dangerous detoxification problems. If detoxification symptoms including weight loss begin to become extreme, High Carb Health will recommend modifications to the Client’s diet and self-healing program aiming to slow down the detoxification process to a safe and more comfortable pace. During such an occurrence, the High Carb Health requires that the Client work closely with the Consultant. If at any time during the self-healing program when detoxification and other health condition concerns cannot be quickly resolved, it is the Client’s responsibility to obtain medical help as needed and to inform their High Carb Health practitioner of the situation. If medical help is enlisted, High Carb Health will continue to work with and support the Client as requested.

High Carb Health requires that the Client take full responsibility for his/her decisions and actions and communicate with High Carb Health in a courteous, respectful manner. The Consultant is not able to work with a Client who is angry, blaming, threatening and disrespectful.

High Carb Health practitioners put their heart into their work and do their best to compassionately help the Client.

High Carb Health requires open and honest communication and always strives to give satisfying service.

Client Agreement:

I, the Client, agree to:

Make a full commitment to implement the healing and health-building guidelines detailed in Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and those recommended by Consultant, including implementing the Wholefoods Plant-based Healing Diet Plan, and to make this natural health approach my lifestyle with the goal of realizing a life of disease-and-drug-free wellness.

Study Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s on a daily basis, focusing on the Vegan Healing Diet Program in Section 5 until the information is fully understood and implemented on a daily routine basis.

Pay High Carb Health for the relevant Nutrition Programme prior to all rendered services.

Take complete or nearly complete rest during the healing phase. If rest cannot be taken I will advise High Carb Health of this matter.

Furnish copies of blood tests made within the last six months. If blood tests have not been conducted within the previous four weeks, I will obtain new tests and submit a copy of the report to High Carb Health.

Furnish a recent photo of myself.

Fill out and send in the Health Diary prior to the first consultation from the website www.highcarbhealth.com

Take full responsibility for all of my decisions and actions.

Take full responsibility and the initiative for determining if I need medical attention, as the High Carb Health practitioners cannot make that determination since they are not physicians. The name(s) and phone number(s) of my advising medical doctor(s) who I will contact if medical attention is needed is/are:

Continue my health education during and after the healing phase. Additional recommended health education materials are available via the High Carb Health website https://www.highcarbhealth.com

Promptly notify High Carb Health of any great concern related to healing or illness symptoms, pains, or difficulties, if I deviate from High Carb Health’s guidance, if I am confused, and if I undergo any kind of new or increased or decreased medical or non-medical treatment.

Client: If you understand, meet and agree to all of the above terms and criteria,

Confidentiality / Disclosure

High Carb Health respects your privacy and give you our 100% guarantee that your personal details will never be shared with any third parties, Unless stated below.

High Carb Health is authorized to share the enclosed information and any other verbally communicated or written information regarding the Client’s case with only these individuals:

*There is UNLIMITED support on Skype & e-mail consultations, however appointments will need to be made to suit both parties for each individual consultation. Working hours are from Mon-Sund 9am-6pm NZT