Can Crohn’s Disease be Fatal for Long-term Patients?


Can Crohn’s Disease be fatal? 

Crohn’s disease most commonly develops in the small intestine as an inflammatory disease. Even though it is not fatal, it can lead to serious complications which might be fatal. Many patients do experience malnutrition because the damaged gastrointestinal tract can’t absorb enough nutrients. One who suffers gastrointestinal inflammation also lives with several other complications like diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cramping’s. These complications could potentially lead to death if not addressed properly.    

The general misconception of inflammation is that it is a response to the autoimmune phenomenon. But it is not correct and is illogical. When the body is inflamed the body breaks down, neutralizes, and eliminates the toxins in the body. Inflammation and ulceration are the self-healing process for the body, which can be disturbed when external medication is brought in.   

Life Expectancy for Crohn’s Disease  

The life expectancy of the patients suffering from Crohn’s Disease depends on different factors like age, severity, treatment, lifestyle, etc. However, a meta analysis has shown that the mortality rate has increased in female patients when compared to the opposite. Many people live a healthy life with possible lifestyle changes. There is no particular cure for Crohn’s disease, but it can be healed by implementing diet and lifestyle changes.

The increasing intensity of Crohn’s Disease is linked directly to the lifestyle of the patients. For instance, the disease is said to be possibly linked to smoking and also causes respiratory diseases which can impact urinary and genital tracts. Even though the life expectancy of patients with IBD has increased, they have a shorter average life span when compared to those who don’t. Yet, with proper management one may expect a normal life expectancy. 

chrons disease life expectancy and threat

Life-threatening complications of Crohn’s disease 

One of the most fatal after-effects of Crohn’s disease is cancer in the digestive tract which is also the leading cause of death among patients. The major life-threatening complications of Crohn’s Disease are: 

1. Colorectal Cancer

The patients have an increased risk of developing dysplasia, which occurs with the formation of abnormal cells in the colon or rectum. Doctors state that prolonged suffering from Crohn’s disease can result in colorectal cancer which is the third most common cancer mortality in the United States.   

2. Fistulas

The inflammation spreads through the intestinal walls and thus creating an abscess. As it grows, it forms a hole in the wall, which develops into a fistula. 

3. Intestinal Obstruction

It is one of the most common complications of Crohn’s disease which is usually a result of a buildup of scar tissue in the colon, making it difficult to pass stool. Even though it is not life-ending, the narrowing passage can lead to tearing or perforation in the colon.  

4. Toxic Megacolon

This is a rare life-threatening complication that occurs when the inflammation expands to an extent that it cannot be contacted. The buildup can cause the colon to burst and thus leaking harmful toxins into the bloodstream. 

Apart from these life-threatening effects, patients with Crohn’s Disease have to deal with continuous health concerns which are a result of malnutrition. The body might not be able to absorb nutrients as efficiently as the healthy intestines due to the inflammation. Over time, this can become problematic and even life-threatening due to severe nutrient deficiencies.

There is no sure cure for Crohn’s disease, and no single treatment suits everyone. The medical treatments only reduce the symptoms that trigger inflammation. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, or immunosuppressant medicines do have temporary relief symptoms, but in the long run, they devitalize the body. Thus at High Carb Health, we provide the requisites of a healthy life. We encourage people to give up on unhealthy practices and start a natural biological diet. Through this the body will improve itself and heal completely, developing new health.  


If asked- “Can you die from Crohn’s Disease?” The answer would be a no. But one can die from the other complications of the disease. But with certain lifestyle and diet changes, one can reduce the severity of the complications. 

As long as the dietary and lifestyle factors are altered and toxicity is reduced, Colitis and Crohn’s disease will not return and wellness also lasts. 

We at High Carb Health recommend a healthy lifestyle to allow the body to heal Chron’s on its own. The inflammatory bowel disorder will heal when the body receives the right amount of care and healing time. Under the right conditions, the tissues will heal and the tumors will be eliminated and the bowel will resume to its normal shape with healthy cells. Such inflammation is a sign that the body has been harmed and is attempting to heal itself.

The best solution to the inflammation is to identify and discontinue the toxic factors and implement a healthier lifestyle. With High Carb Health, many people have adopted this and have overcome all kinds of complications including inflammatory diseases. With us, you can also!!

Shukul Kachwalla

Shukul Kachwalla is a Certified Wholistic Health & Natural Healing Counsellor from the Vibrant Health & Wealth Academy. Shukul has recovered from severe Hayfever, Acne, and Chronic Migraines and recommends a Whole Foods Plant based diet to people who want to improve their quality of life and experience optimal health.