Can’t Tell if you’re Bored or Hungry? Here’s How Binge Eating Can Affect Your Body

Most of us have indulged in “just one more bite”, “just a small second serving” at some point or the other. This is called binge eating.

Why do people binge eat?

It’s because to a lot of us food is a treat. A pleasure. For some, it’s an escape or comfort. Whether it’s the childhood memory of our mother’s cooking or our favourite dish from our first date, all of us have emotional attachments to food. In fact, if you started listing down the reasons why you eat, you’ll be able to see that most of these reasons are emotional.

The Seaspiracy Controversy: What are the Dangers of Eating Fish?

Recently Netflix released a documentary called Seaspiracy. Seaspiracy is a documentary about aquaculture sectors and fishing. It has been making the wave in the news and internet because of the eye-opening claims it made. The documentary highlighted the environmental effects of aquaculture. There are other health concerns associated with fish as well.

Many myths about the health benefits of fish are prevalent throughout the world. Fish is unhealthy and can cause various issues and chronic diseases. Here are some of the important but overlooked dangers of eating fish-

How to Improve Gut Microbiome and its Effects on Your Health

The gut microbiome or gut flora refers to all the microorganisms that inhabit the digestive tract in humans and animals. These microorganisms may include bacteria, viruses, protozoa, archaea, and eukaryotes among other microscopic organisms. These organisms form asymbio tic relationship with the body and are present in various sitesthroughout the digestive tract. Studies suggest that there is an equal number of human cells and microbial cells in the human body.

What you Should Know About Your Edible Oil

For centuries we have been cooking food in order to make it more palatable and add some flavour to food. Although this has been a commonly followed practice for a long time, it does more harm than good. While the advertisements you see and the people around you promote the notion is that some oils are healthy, studies suggest that this might not be the case.

How to Know if You Are Suffering From Gastritis or Not?

It is a condition that affects the stomach and causes the inflammation of the stomach’s inner lining, which prevents the acid from corroding the outer walls of the stomach. When the inner lining is affected by this disease, the acid present in your stomach helps you digest food and starts hurting your organ. This is a painful gastrointestinal condition that affects about half the worldwide population at some point in time. Every year 90 million new cases of Gastritis are reported throughout the world annually.

How Crohn’s Disease Can Affect Your Body?

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. It is believed that over 780,000 Americans suffer from this disease every year. It affects patients between the ages group of 15-70 years. Crohn’s disease is a long-term illness and some believe it is an autoimmune disease caused by the immune system attacking the inner lining and the good bacteria present in the gut while others think it is caused by various factors such as a harmful bacteria called Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis.

How to Transition to a Healthy Plant-Based Diet?

In light of the surge in health-related issues worldwide, there is an increasing number of people looking for natural methods that promote fitness, better health, and increase immunity. An approach that is gaining popularity in recent times is consuming a plant-based diet. In certain instances such as the Ulcerative Colitis cure diet, plant-based food is preferred to prevent flares.

Right Diet and Lifestyle Can Heal Autoimmune Disease Lupus

AnneMarie was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Lupus 5 years ago. It had really started to flare up in the last year or two and it affects nearly all of her joints. Making the simple tasks of walking, sitting on a chair, etc. more difficult than they should be. She is an Irish Dancing teacher and still performs regularly in shows. Her joint pains are not ideal in her line of work.