David Klein Talks about Self Healing Colitis and Chron’s


Dr David Klein is a pioneer in the field of Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s. He healed Ulcerative Colitis more than 30 years ago and lived a life of service helping thousands of people heal from Colitis and Crohn’s. We are very grateful to have been mentored by him and to be able to carry on the work he started.

From Shamiz : “Dave, you saved my life 8 years ago and I am forever grateful to have found you and your book. You have helped thousands upon thousands of people help themselves heal from many illnesses. We would be doing this work if it wasn’t for you. A friend and mentor you will be greatly missed. Rest in peace”.

Statement from his family :

The family of David Klein is sorry to share the profoundly sad news that Dave passed away peacefully on July 16 in Maui.  He will be dearly missed by the many people whose lives he touched throughout the world.  As visitors to this page may know, Dave was faced with a severe case of ulcerative colitis when he was just 17 years old.  What followed was a decade of suffering, culminating in a devastating prognosis, until he discovered and pursued a path of natural healing that led him to decades of a restored and active life advocating for a healthy planet full of healthy people.  Along the way, he doggedly helped so many others with passion and dedication.  A past regretful use of diatomaceous earth as a natural alternative to clearing his beloved cat and home of fleas eventually led to a medical procedure and complications resulting in pneumonia (unrelated to coronavirus) which he could not overcome.  As we try to come to grips with our loss, we find solace and gratitude in the 62 years he graced this planet he loved and honoured so much, and the more than three decades, after overcoming his colitis condition, of the vibrant life he lived and shared.


Hello, everyone.


This is a very exciting day.


Today is our first episode of a new podcast that we are creating


called IBD Heal


So today is the first episode and our guest today is Dr.David Klein.


Interestingly to the very old interview because Unfortunately,


Dr. Klein’s not with us anymore.


But I first had a chance to talk to him in 2013 to discuss


all things about healing yourself around how the body heals


self healing, natural hygiene, how the body detoxifies.


Also his own story of how he healed himself and what he went


through to overcome ulcerative colitis all way back in.


I think it was the 80s a long time ago he healed.


But what I’m going to do today is bring in Shamiz to talk


a little bit about his experience with David Klein and what


David Klein means to him and how he influenced Shamiz’s


own healing journey before we go and listen to what Dave


had to say.


Hey, guys.




So David Klein was very influential in my healing journey


with his book Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s.


Now this book literally saved my life.


I found it when I was in hospital in Japan out of all places,


and we actually ordered it on Amazon, and it came within


four days.


We started reading it in hospital and we were just amazed


at how we were taught the wrong things and why nourishing,


the body with plants was the best way to heal the body.


And that was something that we didn’t actually know.


And that’s why this book was so influential because after


applying some of the principles, we started to see my body


change. And I’m very grateful for him writing this book because


his research and what he found was so important for today


and the people that we work with today because we use this


book as a basis to help our clients my experience of how


I’ve also been through the healing phase and being nine years


now healthy and fit without any medications.


It just goes to show how amazing this lifestyle can be for


yourself and how you can heal yourself if you want to.


So I’m forever grateful for his book.


And I actually did talk to him.


Obviously, when I was going through my healing journey, and


obviously he talked about his experiences and what to eat


and how the digestive system heals.


And I’ve taken that and learned from what he told me.




I think his most important work, regardless of the diet that


he recommended, was talking about how the body heals itself,


how the digestive system heals, what the body does physiologically


in terms of why it creates symptoms, why does it create inflammation?


Why do the alterations exist in the bowel?


And he was really an amazing way to explain how the body


did what it did.


Why did it do those things?


And when we work with people to heal, it really helps us


explain to them.


What is going on?


Why do you have bleeding in your store?


Why have you got diarrhea?


Why is the inflammation in your colon and the rest of your


digestive system?


So maybe we can just discuss a little bit about self healing


and what the importance of that understanding around how


the body heals in today’s context?


Because we’re kind of not really being taught that, are we?


Absolutely not.


And this is the best kept secret in medicine, body and self


healing. And it’s so easy.


And it’s so simple.


We just got to give the body the right conditions and it


will do the job for us.


And because of that, I think people think it’s just too good


to be true.


Like, oh, you just have to change your diet lifestyle and


I can get off my medications and do those things.


Obviously, it’s not easy, though, but the solution is quite


simple in terms of understanding what it is.


But in an application, it’s not as easy as that.


Also, it doesn’t help when doctors and gastros are talking


to you about how diet has nothing to do with it, and they’re


scaring you and saying that you have to be on medication


for the rest of your life.


So this goes against the grain and this book and what David


Klein is suggesting.


It’s not mainstream, but it should be.




And he didn’t pile near this idea of how the body heals itself,


but he did for IBD, for colitis and Crohn’s, people who


are colitis and Crohn’s.


And he really was able to explain to us why in his book why


the body was doing these things, the whole idea of why the


colon is inflamed, why it’s ulcerated, why you have blood in your


stool and whole detoxification process and what that means.


And he really explained that in great detail for us.


And for everybody who’s read his book, you have a very good


understanding of how the body heals because of that.


Well, he was the first experiment, wasn’t it?


He healed himself and he did that by eating specific foods


that allowed the gut to heal.


And that has kind of given us the opportunity to do that


for myself as well and so many others.


The book is just fantastic.


And if you do give it a read, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge


about the digestive system, and that’s really important.






So what we’re going to do now is I’ve got a recording that


I did a long time ago with Dr.


Klein about his story and about some information about how


the body heals.


And so what we’re going to do now is just listen to David


and his wisdom.


Unfortunately, we can’t hear from him any longer, but we’ve


got this recording forever.


So enjoy listening to Dr.


David Klein talk about his experience, how the body heals


and just a whole lot of other information around diet, lifestyle


and healing so take it away, Dave.


Okay, well, I grew up as the old American boy in New Jersey,


eating all kinds of processed junk meat two or three times


a day, just standard teenager stuff and started going downhill.


When I was a junior in high school, got a lot of nervousness


and fatigue and just felt out of place in the world a lot


of stress about going to engineering school, that kind of


stuff. And my diet was just really heavily and neat and a


lot of preservatives.


So my energy started going downhill and just really started


getting fully tired and fatigued by midwinter of 1975 and


then all of sudden a diarrhea started and it didn’t end and


the medicines didn’t help.


And I ended up in the hospital when I turned about 18 with


ulcerative colitis.


My cold was flamed and full ulcerations.


There wasn’t any bleeding in the beginning, but there was


later on.


So I went through the medical track with a lot of predisone


salt and drugs, just a terrible eight year Odyssey with chronic


fatigue, depression, running to the toilet, losing it.


And just a lot of stress malnutrition from my terrible diet


and medications were wearing me out.


And I went from having a vibrant, happy, healthy and athletic


life and good future to just being a sick person all the


time. I was miserable and happy.


I just didn’t accept the doctor’s positions that there’s


no way to deal with this other medication.


They’re still looking for a cure.


And I want the seven gastroenterologists from New Jersey to


Boston, and they all said the same thing.


Diet has nothing to do with my gut disease, and I didn’t


know anything about nutrition.


Of course, I knew there was health food.


I didn’t think that anything could help.


Someone is going to the toilet all the time and bleeding


and everything’s upsetting my gut, so it didn’t make any


sense. So make a long story short.


It all came to a head in 1984.


I already started looking into natural nutrition, and I found


the doctor of natural Hygiene in New Jersey taught me about


the natural hygiene diet, which is food combining with fruits


and veggies, raw and cooked casual nuts and seeds and relying


on nature to heal the body.


It taught me that it’s trying to teach that the body is not


healing and we cause our own diseases.


If I stopped poisoning myself at the modern junkie diet,


which humans were not designed to eat, went back.


Eating the original biological diet of humans, I would detoxify.


My tissues would heal up, and I would get on with my life.


Healthier than ever seemed totally impossible and far out


and just something that I couldn’t do.


But that year, everything came to a head in August when the


gastroenterologist in Manhattan said It’s time to either cut


out your colon, make a J pouch,


which back then was, I think, the first immunosuppressant


drug they started using.


They were probably used for heart transplant patients.


They wanted to use it on me as one of the first thousand


test subjects.


And to me, the whole thing seemed insane.


I was miserable.


The medications weren’t working as if they couldn’t work.


Of course they cannot work.


They’re just toxic poisons.


And I saw no future for me.


So those two options, doctor damage just seemed totally insane.


And I left the office in a days and I realized that I had


to really start digging this thing out for myself.


I was going to be dead soon.


So I had all the natural hygiene information in my hand on


the Raw Food diet.


Food combining eating a natural diet.


I knew that we were natural food eaters, and I had all these


amazing testimonials that I got from the natural hygiene


teacher, Dr.


Herbert Shelton and Dr.


Tc Fry, who I was collaborating with, and Dr.


Laurence Klopp, who is my health coach, who I was sort of


like rejecting because I thought this whole natural diet


approach is sort of crazy for guys going to the total all


the time.


But one wondrous night.


A few days after that prognosis from the doctor who said


if I didn’t do any of these things, I’d probably get cancer


in a few years.


I was age 26.


My life was in ruins


Doctor says I get cancer in a few years.


It’s telling me to cut out my colon or take a drug which


is going to turn me into a zombie.


So I was spending all this information one night reading


all these amazing testimonials that all made sense.


I realized that I had to think naturally, get back to nature.


All animals in nature eat their natural biological diet.


You go out into nature.


And what are they eating?


They’re eating raw food that’s appropriate for their biological


Constitution. And humans are not designed to eat garbage


to help get in food stores and Cook and Cook it and prepare


it and add things to it.


So I also understood that my body was self healing and that


if I stopped eating the poison, my tissues would stop being


irritated. The inflammation would run its course.


My body would clean up all the rubbish that I’d be eating.


The first 26 years of my life that’s been sticking in there


and irritating my tissues and causing the inflammation.


My body would heal up.


And I would ascend to a higher level of health than I ever


knew before that I’d ever known before in that people who


had done this had experienced amazing, glorious results.


So it all made sense.


And I had seen Dr.




He had rejuvenated doing this diet, and he was doing fantastically


running 10 miles a day in fantastic health.


So it all made sense.


That night, it was like a big awakening was even a spiritual


Symphony. So the next day, I bulb it out of bed.


I started making juices like crazy.


I stopped eating the cooked food temporarily.


I stopped eating meat, dairy, junk food forever.


Never touched them again.




The drugs I was on, I was on low dosages.


I was injecting to my thigh and crevice and sulberine.


I stopped using them.


I don’t recommend doing this cold Turkey if you’re on a high


dose, but I healed up rapidly.


I detoxified.


I lost a lot of weight and really skinny.


My family and friends thought I’d lost my mind.


I became so skinny, but I was self free in medicines and


misery. My joy had been rekindled like reborn and led out


of this horrible, tormented existence.


It was hell.


So I was rejuvenated and reborn.


The second I was trying to do in this diet and my body came


along. I healed up this ulcerative colon they wanted to cut


out in about four weeks and I spent the first two years.


But I worked constantly at rebuilding my health, rebuilding


my adrenal glands which were burnt out and asleep in my entire


body, never gained weight.


I became muscular and healthy and developed nonstop go energy.


Took about three or four years to totally do that.


But I was free of the medical tract medicines and eating


toxic destructive food forever.


And that started 29 years ago, which is cool and I’m just


so happy that I was able to change my career from engineering,


eventually get into health education and write this book,


which is my life work.


My wife’s work, celebrate, collects and Chrome’s and share


it with so many people like your brother and your family.


So I’m grateful for the internet and for the ability to publish


a book and get it out there and help people.


Because the second I healed up the first day I started healing


up, I wanted to shout this out for the entire world and let


them know.


I’ve now got twelve websites and I’m doing my all every day


to help promote this natural health lifestyle.


Alkalizing vegan diet.


It doesn’t have to be 100% raw food.


You don’t have to sell preparing or 100% raw fooder, but


you got to even alkalize and diet and minimize the fats


and acid forming foods as you know.


And the results are just amazing.


I’m almost 56 and I feel like I don’t know what it’s like


to feel like a healthy 20 year old because I was very sick


back then.


I’m just full of energy and life and passion for life and


for helping people.


Well, that’s fantastic.


And I’d also like you to talk about it’s just an amazing


story. And there’s so many people out there that probably


going through a similar thing that you went through but haven’t


got the information for whatever reason or don’t know about


that diet can heal their symptoms.


And so just like you, I want to shout this out as well because


I found out about it through you and that’s the reason why


this YouTube channel exists because I just want to share


it with the world.


So I’d also like you to talk about some of the work you do


and why you do it.


Well, since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to help people.


I never thought I’d get into a life of service because I


was very shy.


I never thought I’d get a counselor or the teacher staring


the heck out of me at the thought of standing up in front


of people and being a teacher.


I was intimidated by teachers because I was too shy to do


that. But once I got this revelation that human knock design


eat all this crap that they’re eating in the smuggle and


that you can overcome your misery, your suffering, your painful


gut, your embarrassment, your shame, all your limitations


can be dissolved if you eat your natural biological diet,


it doesn’t cure everything that’s ever happened to you mentally


and emotionally.


But it’s the number one mistake that humans are doing.


So once I healed up, it was my passion to help people because


I want people to know this.


If your next door neighbor or your friend or your brother


or mother sister are miserable and in pain and suffering,


it drags the whole family down and you feel it.


And so the second I got this information, I wanted humanity


to know it because it existed.


It existed, really, for thousands of years.


But as far as in modern history, natural hygiene detoxification.


Eating our natural diet has been around since the early 1800


And so I was just flabbergasted that this information


had been suppressed.


It had been ridiculed.


It didn’t make a joke.


It became a joke.


You’re a health nut.


You’re eating wood chips and granola and pick and treat banana


out of a palm tree like a monkey.


It had been ridiculed.


And so the information existed.


And I was too embarrassed to go to health food stores until


the last year.


I don’t think I fit in there.


So I found the answer to my problems.


Actually, in a $2 paperback book and a health food store


said some people never overcome Colitis until they stopped


eating meat.


Now I just didn’t get it.


I didn’t get it from Dr.


Hans Galante that I needed to stop eating meat and start


eating the vegan diet, which is compatible with our digestive


physiology, even with our spiritual nature.


So I got the information.


I was flabbergasted that this information wasn’t going on.


People talk about it.


They may be totally into spirituality.


They may be hippies, they may be thought regardless, people


who are in the cults or just hold misfits.


And now, thanks to the Internet, it’s gone from being nowhere


and wacky quirky stuff, just like in the late 1990s till


like the early 2000s.


Now the cats out of the bag and it’s becoming mainstream


accepted. It’s not weird.


It’s not killing people.


It’s not causing malnutrition.


There are celebrities doing it.


There are movie stars doing it.


There are high achievers doing it even the athlete Dave


Scott 20-25 years ago, I think he won the gold medal in the


capital and was a vegan.


People like you and me are taking it to the next level.


The whole raw food movement is expanding and the whole vegan


world is expanding and people are waking up.


And so the basic thing is we’re trying to help our brothers


and sisters avoid suffering because it’s terrible to be born


into the world and be poisoned from day one or when your


mother started feeding your cooked meat and jump in your


age three or four and live an entire life of misery being


suppressed by toxins and inappropriate fuel, which just drags


us down and live a life of being sick.


Even if you don’t have symptoms.


People eating all this stuff, processed food.


Not only is their body physiologically sick, it’s stifling


their mental capabilities and their ability to feel and sense


were just to be truly alive and feel all kinds of amazing


sensations in your body in connection with life and nature.


I’m not safe because I’m a far out new age kind of Spacey


kind of guy, but we just feel incredibly euphoric and otherworldly.


We feel free, like we’re free spirits with really expansive


consciousness. When we stop poisoning ourselves with the


poisons, the toxins that are in cooked meat, all kinds of


processed food and get into a diet which is at least 80%


raw and get physically fit.


We just feel fantastic and we just want the rest of the world


to feel this way.


Yes, I agree.


And I don’t think people understand it until they’ve made


the change, right?


We can’t get that experience.


They got to be curious.


They have to think outside of the box.


I saved my life because I thought outside of the box and


I got tired of the same over.


There were no answers.


So you have to start thinking differently.


If you just want to stay the same and you don’t want to change,


then you’re not going to get any results and you’re going


to end up being a medical statistic.


If you have the courage to step outside of the box and do


something different from what your family and friends are


doing and take a look into what other people in the world


are doing, who are rejuvenated and really look into it and


see that.


Hey, this is just basic physiology.


It’s not weird stuff to be totally healthy in the forest


and dynamically healthy with no disease symptoms.


This is our natural state.


It’s not just for weirdos and strange people like you and


me who want to be different.


We just want to be healthy.


This is our national state.


There’s nothing out about it.


It’s sad that people don’t want it flexible enough yet to


change. I always give people the benefit of doubt


We just clamp seeds and something hopefully will awaken them.


So I never give up in people people on their own path and


they have to discover it for themselves.


And hey, I say the best thing to do is try a morning of nothing


but fruit.


Breakfast is fruit, fruit for breakfast and fruit for lunch.


And let’s see how you Cook 2 hours later.


Yes, that may set the emotion may change their life forever.


Something just as basic as that.


It’s really important.


Just fruit for breakfast.


Yes, that’s what I tell people to do as well when they tell


me that they can’t do it or whatever I say, you know what?


Just make one change.


Just like you said, have fruit for breakfast.


It’s something that’s quite easy to do.


That’s the best one.


It’s delicious.


I mean, we’re born with a sweet treat for good reason.


That’s right.


We get fantastic health by eating sweet, delicious foods.


And fruit is not too much sugar unless you’re eating nothing


but dry fruit but fruit average 85%.


95% water.


So another key point when people question eating a diet with


a lot of fruit is look at you.


You’re not bouncing off the walls.


You’re strong, handsome, you’re well poised.


You’re articulate.


This isn’t a diet that makes us go crazy or makes us become


thin and emaciated if you do it correctly.


So basic physiological bit of information to give people tidbit


is that every one of the trillions of cells or billions of


cells in our body runs on one kind of fuel.


It’s called glucose.


Glucose comes from sugar that we get from food.


And if we’re eating foods that are high in glucose or fructose


content fruits, we’re giving the body instant fuel.


You don’t have to digest it.


It takes the body hours and hours to digest starch carbohydrates


to get fuel out of it.


Fat is inefficient the vitamins only.


Use factor fuel once you use fat for insulation and that


creates a system that makes us acidic and constant.


So fruit gives us the fuel to operate every one of our cells


because every one of the cells in our body runs on one kind


of fuel, sugar or gluten if you want to count to it.


So that’s the deal for humans.


We get that from fruit.


As simple as that.


It’s our main food.


Completely agree.


In my recent discussions with Dr.


David Klein, we talked about the background behind the current


fixation of getting enough protein and also about how much


protein the body actually needs.


Here is his response.


People can say that on protein and all kinds of strange ideas,


because health science, which we have also given the name


natural hygiene, was not really involved.


It was a very small movement.


Throughout the 1800’s, doctor Sylvester Graham tried


to start the health food movement in the US, and he did a


great job and the Civil War store shut that down and then


after the Civil War, technology advanced and the Scotty Rockefeller


started selling a bottle of oil and two people to cure their


ills. And they developed tetrachemical fuels.


And then he became filthy rich, Melon and Carnegie, those


kind of people endowed all the medical universities.


And they literally destroyed the natural health movement.


Even Chiropractic and midwifery were rid of peeled and banned.


And so the only thing that was valid and real and trustworthy


and incredible trustworthy was medicine.


So they just destroyed the natural health approach to things.


And that just changed the course of history.


So because of that, the whole world was cool.


So then the population exploded, even some more.


And modern agriculture had more place in the world.


And so reading animals, slaughtering them, same thing business.


And of course, the people who founded the medical industry


were meat eaters.


So of course, it just goes hand in hand that the meat and


dairy industries will become big and powerful.


And people blame their ills on some of the ills on a lack


of protein and strength.


So if you’re not strong, you need meat, you need iron, you


need protein.


Those are the myths that we get that from meat.


We don’t get it from fruits and veggies.


So that industry came very strong.


And then the protein myth took hold.


And everybody’s thinking, protein, protein, protein.


Protein is not only seductive, it’s powerful protein, it’s


a powerful world and world.


And people think it’s really important to have in your muscles.


People don’t know that less than 20% of their muscle mass


is protein, less than 20%.


It’s not all protein and protein doesn’t really give us strength.


No, it’s a some of our lifestyle or nutrition, which gives


us strength.


People not used to having a light diet to have an empty stomach


because the fruit and veggie diet passes through your stomach


quickly. A lot of people have to deal with cold climates.


They want to have their belly filled up with meat and potatoes


and bread all day long.


And that’s why they want to go for meat.


And so then the meat and the protein that just took hold.


And everybody’s like, it’s totally bamboozled by the protein


thing. So how much protein do we need?


As you know, the studies have shown, Doug, Gran and Dr.


Ornish are saying we don’t need any more than 10% of our


total daily calories to come from protein.


So that’s, like, you don’t need to eat a high cooking food


every day.


You don’t even need to eat.


We certainly don’t eat any meat or dairy or cheese, and we


don’t even need nuts and avocado, which is the highest vegan


protein foods or beans.


Every day, the body recycles most of its protein.


And overall, if our average protein intake ends up being


somewhere between five and 10%, maybe 12% of our daily caloric


intake will derive the optimum benefits.


Any more than that, the body just becomes toxic it’s more


than the body needs.


When we eat more protein and the fat and the body can use


  1. Decomposes it rocks in the body makes it toxic and civic,


and it ages us and destroys our health.


It brings on disease.


So the studies have shown conclusively and Dr.


Doug Graham he spoke the 80/10/10 diet is shown beautifully that we


don’t need more than 10% of our calories from protein.


If we do get more, it’s just toxic.


That’s what we’ve been teaching for long, long years.


Well, we’re not meant to be active in nature.


We running around.


We don’t have big, heavy pokey bodies, which just lumber


around on Savannah.


We don’t sleep in trees all day or we don’t Savannah all


day. We’re meant to be running around racing to trees to


find the latest rights of scrutin.


We are really designed to do athletic, active things.


We’ve been given magnificent bodies, which are not designed


to be sedentary.


So one of my rules of thumb is the body only improves itself


in response to exercise.


We want to improve our body, the state of our physical health.


We need to give the body a reason to do so.


To strengthen our bones.


We need to pressure our bones by running around to strengthen


our sinews, our tendons muscles.


We need to work them so our digestion works better.


When we exercise, we need to move the food along for a bowel


and everything just works better with exercise.


We can eat the best diet in the world, but if we don’t exercise,


it’s not going to work for us.


It just can stagnate in the gut, decompose rock and create


a lot of fermentation, alcohols, vinegars, Putricine, hydrant,


sulfide. It just all ends up becoming toxic and dragging


us down so we can eat the best foods in the world.


But it won’t do us any good unless we maintain some kind


of physical fitness.


The body needs to be physically fit.


It’s just our nature.


So there you have it.


The pioneer himself, Doctor David Klein, rest in peace.


My friend and I would just like to say it was an absolute


pleasure to be mentored by you and learn everything that


we’ve learnt about how the body heals and how to live a healthy,


happy life.


So thank you once again, David, thank you very much for everyone


who has stayed with us so far in the podcast.


And thank you so much for listening and watching this video.


I hope you enjoyed our first ever podcast.


It’s a really exciting time to be able to share this with


you, and we’ve got lots of incredible episodes coming up.


So if you like what you heard here and you want to hear lots


of other inspirational stories and other people with lots


of interesting things to say and knowledge to share, please


subscribe to the podcast whether that be on Spotify podcast


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Thank you so much for listening this is Shukul Kachwalla and


we’ll see you the next time on IBD Heal,


take care, eat plants and lots of them.


Bye bye.


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