Crohn’s 3 Year Healing Update | Healthy Vegan Pregnancy
Crohn's 3 Year Healing Update - Healthy Vegan Pregnancy

September 2010 (23 y/o) was the first time that I learnt I had ulceration in two parts of my colon, which was most likely the early days of Crohn’s due to the ‘patchy’ and ‘deep’ nature of the ulcers. It was mild, so no medication was prescribed. 2011 brought about my first ‘disturbing’ flare-up, and it was then that I was prescribed anti-inflammatory suppositories. After that came a period of nothing, only for it to come back again even stronger in 2015/16 on and off. Lucky enough, I was never hospitalised, but I still met my ‘crisis point’ in July/Aug 2016. I was eating smaller meals to avoid uncomfortable symptoms of dis-ease and bloating, seeing a naturopath who prescribed me expensive herbal tablets and elixirs, and incidentally, I lost a fair bit of weight, vitality and emotional sanity. This was just before signing up with High Carb Health.

Making the decision to take control and treat myself and my state of health in the most natural way possible with no drugs or potions was the best decision I ever made. I knew for a long time that a plant-based whole-foods diet was significant to me, (having turned plant-based in early 2014) but didn’t know how to go about it! This is where High Carb Health were the guys that gave me the voice of reason, comfort, knowledge, information and advice to truly understand what was going on with my body and how I could support it properly. Their encouragement and kind words also helped me to keep on going when I experienced moments of doubt and emotional stress. Generally, we’re not used to trusting our body and its functions. The most logical knowledge when it comes to healing is not common knowledge, and instead, we find ourselves in places where we are impatient, want results instantaneously and turn to ‘quick fix’ medications and procedures. Slow down, take a few breaths, be inspired by others, reach out, let people help you, give it a go, open your eyes and enjoy the incredible healing process. It only gets better from here!

After healing Crohn’s in 2017, I was able to conceive in 2018 and have a healthy pregnancy and natural birth without any medical interventions. My 14-month-old baby is happy, healthy and thriving! Thanks again guys – words can’t describe how happy I am to have met you. Keep on inspiring!